New Episode Artwork for Batman Beyond

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Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:59 pm

I'm a longtime Plex user, and after I ripped my new Batman Beyond Blu-rays and added them to Plex, I noticed the relatively low quality of the episode thumbnails, particularly season 3's which were taken from old TV broadcast rips.

This really bugged me, so I went ahead and took new screenshots for each episode at the exact frames seen in the existing episode artwork. I've already replaced them in my Plex library, but I figured I ought to share. :)

Since I'm requesting a bulk replacement of every episode's artwork, I made an Imgur album with them all in sequential order and labeled with the season/episode numbers and titles, but just in case linking to the episodes and their corresponding replacement images individually is an absolute requirement, I've also done that below.

S01E01 | New Artwork
S01E02 | New Artwork
S01E03 | New Artwork
S01E04 | New Artwork
S01E05 | New Artwork
S01E06 | New Artwork
S01E07 | New Artwork
S01E08 | New Artwork
S01E09 | New Artwork
S01E10 | New Artwork
S01E11 | New Artwork
S01E12 | New Artwork
S01E13 | New Artwork

S02E01 | New Artwork
S02E02 | New Artwork
S02E03 | New Artwork
S02E04 | New Artwork
S02E05 | New Artwork
S02E06 | New Artwork
S02E07 | New Artwork
S02E08 | New Artwork
S02E09 | New Artwork
S02E10 | New Artwork
S02E11 | New Artwork
S02E12 | New Artwork
S02E13 | New Artwork
S02E14 | New Artwork
S02E15 | New Artwork
S02E16 | New Artwork
S02E17 | New Artwork
S02E18 | New Artwork
S02E19 | New Artwork
S02E20 | New Artwork
S02E21 | New Artwork
S02E22 | New Artwork
S02E23 | New Artwork
S02E24 | New Artwork
S02E25 | New Artwork
S02E26 | New Artwork

S03E01 | New Artwork
S03E02 | New Artwork
S03E03 | New Artwork
S03E04 | New Artwork
S03E05 | New Artwork
S03E06 | New Artwork
S03E07 | New Artwork
S03E08 | New Artwork
S03E09 | New Artwork
S03E10 | New Artwork
S03E11 | New Artwork
S03E12 | New Artwork
S03E13 | New Artwork
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Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:03 pm

You already did all the work, but I would suggest to wait until the new site only, as it will allow a bit larger sized images.

640x480 (for SD 4:3 shows) or 640x360 for 16:9
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