Series ID/Date Format

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Series ID/Date Format

Postby NottsMag » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:29 am

Hi everyone,

I've got a couple of questions about using the API to find stuff. When looking for information on shows I don't know about, I used to use the network search and reports to find new stuff, rather than trying to find them on the Internet and then search for the exact title. As the new search function is so limited, I initially tried to move to IMDB (whose TV section does not do what I want) and Wikipedia, which isn't ideal. I cam up with a couple of ideas that could solve my problem by using the API, but to do this I have a couple of questions.

How do the series IDs work? I'm only looking for English language shows so initially used the '7' prefix, but noticed many shows on the actual site don't actually use this. How are these IDs generated and are they in an ascending order that I can 'climb' to find new stuff?

Also, when using the API to search for updates, it keeps telling me that my date format is not recognised, what date format should I be using?

Thanks guys!