Can someone give me an opinion?

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Can someone give me an opinion?

Postby msHaBa » Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:23 pm

This is all concerning Nickelodeon Guts, found here

I can't point out any specific episode that might need to be moved, but there are a reasonable amount of episodes that seem to be either jumbled up or completely missing starting in season 2 and continuing into season 3.

I believe that the tvdb listing is pulled from IMDB, which seems to be incorrect and missing some information.

Now, I know that it's frowned upon to call upon a wiki when it comes to making these corrections, deletions, and edits, but I feel like the wiki found here is more accurate than anything we've got. First off, they're exhaustive enough to list each participant by their color, but they've also got, from what I can tell, more correct dates/episodes than the IMDB.

For example, the episode named "Brandon VS. Jaime VS. Meri" is marked as undated, incorrectly placed in the 1994/95 third season, even though it's copyrighted in 1993, and misspelled (Jaime is spelled Jamie in IMDB/TVDB, but it can be confirmed that the proper spelling is Jaime in the episode). The third season on both tvdb and IMDB seem to be mostly sorted alphabetically rather than chronologically as well. I've noticed a few more incongruities like this, but bottom line, I'm more inclined to trust that wiki than the data from IMDB.