A show I need to translate is locked. [Instructions~Updated]

All translations should be posted here as they tend to get buried in the main series forum.
Forum rules
Do Not ask that series be unlocked in this section.
Use this forum to propose existing translations for locked series.
Any request that ignores the following guidelines will be removed on sight.
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Most series are now unlocked for translations.
Please post translations directly to those series, or coordinate larger projects in Translation Projects.
This forum is only to address fully locked series at this time.
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Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:58 pm

Additional info at the bottom of this post. Read it ALL before posting here.
If the series/season is locked and you need to translate it, please create a thread for it with the info you need added.
We will probably not unlock it unless it's an incredibly massive undertaking as far as number of episodes is concerned.

Please follow this example:


Code: Select all


You can copy and paste this code for each episode:

Code: Select all


Thank you.

Each Season should have its own Post in the thread.

Specials should be listed as their own season as well.

Many of you do this already but some do not. You should also be including a link to the series/season just like all other posts here. This is especially important with translation requests due to the language id. One little link can mean the difference between your request getting completed today or being put off until next week. The link should be placed at the top of the post for best results, please don't copy and paste the example link or I might just stab you.

Example of a series link with language ID:

Example of a season link with language ID:
http://thetvdb.com/?tab=season&seriesid ... 312&lid=11

You are not required to link to the episode unless you're only asking for a couple of them to be translated.
Adding links to each and every episode just means I have to use my scroll wheel a lot more in your thread. :p


DO NOT add garbage or use idiotic formatting inside overviews. This included but is not limited to: Linebreaks after every sentence, extra blank lines after every sentence, html/bb code, urls, OVERBEARING UNNECESSARY CAPITALIZATION. I will ignore your posts until you remove such crap from now on, and if you don't correct them within a couple weeks your post will be archived and buried.


There will be a four space indent before all overview text due to copy paste issues with the code/quote box. I will not be removing these so please just deal with it. Don't think you can get around it by not putting the overviews in the box as your translation request will be ignored for improper formatting. At some point I'll see if one of the admins can simply purge these indents from the various series but until then you can just deal with it. Basically you put up with the indents or you don't get translation input on locked series, there is no other option here. Thanks for understanding. :p


Series that are currently under major reworking or in the process of being disputed over ordering, number of episodes, seasons, etc; may not get translated for some time. If you're unsure about the status of a series which you may have seen being discussed in the main Series Discussion forum please feel free to ask here and one of us will let you know if it's worth your time to lay out translations.


Ah yes, and one more thing... LIST EPISODES IN AIRED ORDER
I'm not going to try and figure out what kind of jackassed ordering you're using and I have not been pleased when I've had to go back and fix things later.
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Attention! After a translation request has been fulfilled the thread will be moved to Completed requests. Do not continue to add to these threads after they have been removed or update them with new information as they will NOT be read. You are welcome to point out if anything has been missed, however we will not continue to use them to import translation information. You really just need to make a new thread right here where we can see it and don't have to go digging through old threads to find. Thank you.
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I'm getting very tired of people posting blatant copyvios.
Translated overviews should be in your own words, from this point forward.
If I see continued usage of other people's work, those threads will just vanish, because I'm not going to dignify that behaviour with a response, and they're a drain on resources for material that third parties can just as easily require us to delete.

We're in a gray enough area without actively circumventing copyright laws.
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