Best TV Series of the Decade

What shows do you like or dislike?
What about certain actors?
Any upcoming shows you're looking forward to?
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Wed Dec 18, 2019 4:56 pm

Which one is your favorite?
We only have a couple of days left before we bid goodbye to this decade and open a new one. I want to know which TV series standout for the last 10 years.
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Thu Dec 19, 2019 9:54 am

I feel like this is a cliche answer but I really liked Fleabag!

Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:28 am

Hello! As for me, I really like the Dynasty series. This year the third season aired. And Grant Show is my favorite actor!!!

Wed Jan 29, 2020 12:31 pm

I really really enjoyed the first three seasons of Narcos. Wagner Moura and Pedro Pascal were fantastic - and the music/intro always got me for some reason.

Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:15 am

As for for me, I liked the The Witcher! I read a book earlier, therefore, I was interested in watching the series. And I was pleased!

Tue Mar 31, 2020 1:56 am

FRIENDS is the best one.

Mon Aug 10, 2020 11:38 am

i personally LOVE sherlock and breaking bad. but i dont think we can choose one honestly
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Mon Aug 10, 2020 6:56 pm

Mr. In-between and Yellowstone.