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Sat May 18, 2019 7:05 pm

I'm not much of forum user and I only ever added one show to the dB. I found this show from 2016 on YouTube, one season 15 episodes and one special... I think read at the bottom of the post for this issue. I searched for it on the website and it does not show up. So I concluded that it had not been added. I got to work and found a poster and collected the episodes titles, release dates, summaries from YouTube, and title screens used for the videos. As I go to add the series, I type the name of the show and... it still does not show up. So I click on "Add Series" and I get an error saying that "URL slug is already in use. Please specify another." which is odd as the series does not show up in search results. So I used the URL slug generated by the name I typed and sure enough it takes me to a page for the show I wanted to add.

This entry needs work. It's got all 15 episodes but the titles are only in french, the summaries which are also only in french are all the same one, they all have the wrong air dates, it list 10 people as animators but 3 of them I cant confirm (Only the last episode in the series has credits where it list 16 people as Animators), the episodes have title screens but they are just stills from each episode, it has a background which is also a still from one of the episodes, and it has one poster which is definitely fan art.

So questions:

Why does this show not show up in the search results? Has it been removed/hidden

Can the images be removed? I can't see an option for that. It would be nice to salvage this show's existing dB entry. The episode title screens are way better than the random still image from the episodes. In particular the one poster it has is not appropriate as it's clearly fan art and should not be there. As for the background, another episode still, I think a I can find something from the official artwork of the show to replace it that would fit better.

If this entry has been rendered unsearchable will I have to abandon the original "URL Slug" and generate an original one? This would mean I would have to start a page from scratch for this show, right?

Also as a side note it's also missing the "Director's Cut" which is all the episodes edited into a single 11 minute video, all but the last episode are equal or under a minute. I thought about adding this as a special but I'm not sure if that is where it should go.
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Sat May 18, 2019 11:40 pm

A very important Question is: What Show?

And yeah the Search Function isn´t working good at this Site. It get´s very good at the new Site. Be patient.

And no, Image removeing is not possible for normal Users. You have to make a Request. That will also change with the new Site.
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