[italian] Missing Seasons and Titles

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Thu Jan 03, 2019 8:04 am

Hi i'm new in tvdb

i just wanted to report a couple of missing things, so i dedided to write in this specific board 'cause i don't exaclty understand this forum rules to request tvdb site mods

-ONE PIECE S19 - In italian - titles from ep 72 to ep 87 are missing

-LA CASA DI CARTA (eng: Money Heist) - in Italian - Season 2 is completely missing

If someone is intersted i could provide both translation fixes

UPDATE -°ok while i was writing this post i've managed to fix the first problem...i've fixed ep72 in italian on th site ;) ...i'm happy :D i think i'll keep working to update all the 15 missing titles and description in italian
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