Shouldn't Dragon Ball Kai (English Dubbed - Funimation Produced version) be it's own show?

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Shouldn't Dragon Ball Kai (English Dubbed - Funimation Produced version) be it's own show?

Postby monster2control » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:21 pm

I was told to come here to ask this question. <-

Dragon Ball Kai is an Anime and like many Anime, there are English Dubbed versions. Sometimes, when a series is dubbed for English audiences, they are also cut or even ordered differently than their original Japanese versions. In this case, the show has now diverged enough that it no longer mimic's its original version and the information provided by TheTVDB now appears to be incorrect for the Dubbed version.

In the case of Dragon Ball Kai, Funimation released 8 additional episodes throughout Season 2. The maintainer of the series has marked these episodes as "special" because they did not air in Japan.

I asked if we could create a new version of the show, such as "Dragon Ball Z Kai (US)", firstly, the Funimation produced version include the letter "Z" in the title, and second since the Funimation produced version has many differences, it warrants it's own series entry.

It has different Voice Actors (cast), It has different Aired Dates, and it has a different amount of aired episodes.

If you rely on TheTVDB to be accurate for keeping show information in order with tools like Kodi, then not having a valid series entry for the Dubbed version of the show makes all the information for this Show inaccurate by these tools because they don't know that the "special" shows didn't air in Japan when you are watching and have the US dubbed version.

The best analogy I could think of was using a show like "The Office". Where there is a UK version and a US version. The show is the exact same show, show rights bought for US production, but it has a new cast, and not all the episodes match up with the original. This is essentially the exact same thing Funimation did, but they were able to re-use all the animation, but they still had to re-cast all the voice actors and not all the episodes are the exact same as the original.

I was told that the matter is closed, that according to policy, the show information will remain as is, which is fine with me, I don't want to change what is in there, I just want to add an additional series that covers the English Dubbed version. I would hope this is perfectly acceptable if the goal of TheTVDB is to be as accurate possible.

I do know there is a "Language" feature for series, and I don't know personally, but if a new series entry is not allowed, can it be made that the Language tags show different episode information based on which language is selected? When Japanese is selected, the 8 episodes don't show, but when "English" is selected", the 8 episodes show up as they aired.

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Re: Shouldn't Dragon Ball Kai (English Dubbed - Funimation Produced version) be it's own show?

Postby goku31640 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:58 pm

I agree completely. It has become a bit of a pain organizing my sub and dub anime.