Genre: "Science-Fiction" to "Science Fiction" update?

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Fri May 08, 2020 4:25 pm

I have a fairly extensive library of television series, and I've been using Kodi with a proper MariaDB database for quite a few years to try to keep track of them.

Just recently, I noticed that some older series had the genre tag of "Science-Fiction" (with a dash) while newer ones were getting the tag "Science Fiction" (without a dash). I assume the tag name on the TheTVDB database has at some point changed, since when I refresh series information for a series with the first genre value, they get moved to the second genre.

Refreshing the series information via Kodi involves quite a few mouse clicks on the UI and takes around 30 seconds, so I'd prefer not to do this manually for several dozen series. Can someone give me pointers on how one could script this kind of operations via the command line?