Critical Role Specials - Messy and Redundant

Coordinate actions for unlocked series here.
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Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:14 am

I've been getting into Critical Role recently, and the state of its entry in thetvdb is... suboptimal.

As it stands, there are 82 specials listed; however:
  • Several of them come from the GM Tips series on YouTube; however, only the earlier ones, which were hosted by Matt Mercer (rather than Satine Phoenix) are listed; the later ones aren't even on the site as far as I can tell. I'm fairly certain GM tips is not part of the Critical Role series by any stretch of the imagination, beyond being hosted by the same person. GM Tips should probably have its own series entry, with both the Mercer and Phoenix episodes listed (it easily clears the bar for web series inclusion, so that's nice), and they should be expunged from the specials
  • Several episodes (s00e43, Talking CRITICAL ROLE Live From WONDERCON! (Talks Machina), s00e61 Talks Machina - Campaign Wrap-up, s00e62 Talks Machina - Fireside Chat and several others) are included both as specials in Critical Role and as miscellaneous episodes of Talks Machina (those three being s00e02, s01e45, and s02e01 of Talks Machina, respectively), the related—but distinct—aftershow; I'm fairly certain that these redundant episodes, which are much more episodes and specials of Talks Machina than Critical Role, should also be removed (however, it appears that there are a few Talks Machina episodes with are only listed as Critical Role specials, which need to be added as episodes of Talks Machina and deleted from Critical Role, such as s00e48 Talks Machina with Critical Role at MomoCon 2017)
  • A few minor installments, such as Check Out CRITICAL ROLE's New Intro!, Critical Role - Campaign 2 Intro, and Pillars of Eternity II - Deadfire -- You Control Critical Role!, are not listed in the specials, whereas other similarly minor installments, such as Visit The Slayer's Cake In Downtown Whitestone! and Mighty Nein Intro are—with no apparent pattern to which are and aren't included. I don't know whether any of these should be added or removed, honestly.
I'm posting this here because it's possible I'm missing something, and such a drastic change to the way the series is entered should probably accept input from other, more established members first, who can help direct me on the exact right course of action and help with this endeavor.
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