The Slim Shady Show

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Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:05 pm

I own this on DVD and I ripped it to my hard drive. I renamed a few of the episodes to match what it actually is. For example "Party Crashers" is "The Party Crashers", "Movie Star Marshall" is actually "Moviestar Marshall", and "Slim Shank Redemption" is actually "Slimshank Redemption".

1 - I don't think this was ever on any network, nor can I find any proof. It was a web series and later on DVD and VHS. Can I remove the MTV2? Do you even want it in your database? I want to leave it as TV since it's different episodes and I still want it to show up in my Plex server.

2 - What to do about episodes I feel are numbered wrong? Episode 8 is Parent-Teacher Night. The Ass and The Curious as well as The Lost Episode were two bonus episodes. If anything they should be 9 and 10. Should I change them?

Also on the DVD were two extras.. Making of - Behind the Scenes Footage and a D12 music video.
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Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:49 am

No leave everything as it is. The Show was broadcasted on MTV2 first and so it´s ok. If anything is listed incorrectly you have to proof it with a valid Source. Don´t change anything just because you assume that the Info is oncorrect.
The Bonus Videos can be seen as Specials but when they didn´t have a Broadcast-Date they won´t get listed.
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