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Postby Wesley701 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:17 am

Villainous is a cartoon series made by Cartoon Network. Initially it was supposed to be a series of shorts, but it got so big that it gained new shorts, a special minisseries involving CN's other cartoons and now a regular show with 11-minute episodes.

In TVDB it was registered as what is was at the time: a series of shorts
Then the minisseries 'Orientation Videos for Villains' came and all of its 11 episodes were registed in the specials section of the series
And finally yesterday was the premiere of the regular show Villainous on youtube and on the CN channel, with the first episode called 'A Dreadful Dawn'

With this new regular episode (with more to come) I think its better to correct how the series is registered on TVDB:
*Rename how the show is currently registered ( ) from just 'Villainous' to 'Villainous Shorts'
*Create another page/series for the 11-episode minisseries and call it 'Villainous: Orientation Videos for Villains', and then move all of its episodes that are in the specials section of the other series ( ) to this new page/series
*Create another page/series for the regular 11-minute episode show and call it 'Villainous'

I think its the best option to this problem. I can create the new pages but I'd need help to move the special episodes to the new page. Can someone help me?

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Re: Villainous

Postby rev.pragon » Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:30 pm

From my Research (yeah because you didn´t provide any Information but a Youtube Link) the new Episodes are part of the Original Series.
You can add the new Episodes as new Season 3.
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