Netflix: Harvey Street Kids now Harvey Girls Forever

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Netflix: Harvey Street Kids now Harvey Girls Forever

Postby WaveThemes » Sat May 11, 2019 1:42 pm
Netflix: Harvey Street Kids is the title for season one. Look at your own posters on the page if you want to ignore the URL
Season two has changed the shows title to "Harvey Girls Forever!"
Now, someone keeps removing all references to the original series one title of "Harvey Street Kids"

How can this be a legit database if the shows original title of 26 episodes is ignored? worse, changed - denied!

Maybe a whole new record for the new title. One URL for season 1 and One for season 2? (which is dumb)
The opening theme graphics has changed, the singer has changed, but the song has not! "We're Harvey Kids we'll run this street".
Don't go to the IMDb for help because they have the series as "Harvey Girls Forever!" and sub-titled "Harvey Street Kids (original title)"
something that "whitetigerx8" does not accept.
This, and other shows that do this to their series title need to be able to offer a 'history' of their prior name(s)
So, what to do?
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Re: Netflix: Harvey Street Kids now Harvey Girls Forever

Postby Mistywing » Sat May 11, 2019 2:43 pm

This is what the alias system is for, we usually use the title the series is most well known or had the majority of its production run under as the main title and add others as the aliases.
However the current site lacks tools to implement new aliases, and searching for aliases is also not supported.
Please be assured, it is not a site moderation or administration decision to ignore the original title. What you're seeing is most likely good old edition wars (however whitetigerx8 is probably not responsible, as that field is also broken and doesn't update.)
The remedy we have to prevent this back and forth is also unfortunately pretty general: it would involve locking down the entire entry from user contributions.
Besides that, the only thing to do is to leave this as it is for now and come back when the proper tools and methods are implemented on the site to resolve this issue.