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Help reformatting episode list of 'De avonturen van Pim & Pom' (Dutch)

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:09 am
by shh33j22
Hi there,

My question is about 'De avonturen van Pim & Pom' (a Dutch children's show): The season/episode list is incomplete, and likely incorrect. However, there are very little official sources to be found, so I am unsure how to proceed.

The situation
There currently are four season with a total of 40 episodes (10/season). According to the official site of the creator of the series, there should be 2 seasons with 26 episodes each. The existence of 52 episodes is confirmed by the cover of a collection dvd in the official webshop ( ... serie.html).
In October 2009 the first series of 26 episodes of The Adventures of Pim & Pom was ready. The second series of 26 episodes followed in 2011. A total of four DVDs has been released, each containing ten episodes.
-- Source: ... im-pom-bv/.
At first I thought that the current order is the dvd order from 4 dvds that have been released with 10 episodes each (referenced in the quote above), but according to an image from the official site, the dvd order is also different: Basically, I have no idea where the current episode numbering came from.

The problem
I want to add the remaining 12 episodes, but I can't find any official sources that list the 52 episodes in order. The closest I can find is from Videoland (a 'Dutch Netflix'), which lists 52 episodes (and a 53rd bonus episode that corresponds to a bonus episode on dvd 4):, though they don't divide them in two seasons.

I'm also unsure if I should reorganize the series in a major way without approval/advice.

The question
How should a situation like this be handled? Should I reorganize the episodes based on the only source that lists 52 episodes? If so, would one or two seasons be preferred? If I shouldn't reorganize the series, how should I add the missing 12 episodes?

Thanks in advance for your help!