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Beyblade Burst Turbo

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:00 pm
by dtbratt
Any chance the Turbo series on Disney XD can be added to Bryblade Burst?

I believe it would be considered Season 3. Evolution is considered season 2. I believe Evolution has to be removed from the entry and just be called Beyblade Burst.

Many thanks! I believe I put this in the wrong forum. My apology’s. New here!

Re: Beyblade Burst Turbo

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:37 pm
by xmiragex
I also noticed this under the name Beyblade Burst here. I started adding some of the episode names I could verify by ones I have. They match what IMDB has:

The whole first season:

Is actually the Evolution (Season 2).

Season 1 on IMDB and other websites shows different tittles.