Fushigi Yugi Specials not Listed as Specials

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Fushigi Yugi Specials not Listed as Specials

Postby bornagainpenguin » Sun Dec 02, 2018 6:56 pm

I found this previous discussion about the series which was listed as resolved. Then the OVAs for the series were incorrectly listed as being part of a third season and the poster went and moved everything to Specials instead and eliminated the incorrect third season.

The problem I am having now is that somehow this is causing those OVAs to show up in my season one listing in Kodi.

I have my series named as such:

[Fushigi Yugi] <-folder

[00) Specials] <-folder
0x01 - OVA1 Ep 1; Lost Ties.mkv

[01) Season One] <-folder
1x01 - The Girl of Legend.mkv

And so on but currently I have a season one and a season two when scraped but no specials and as I said the specials show up in season one. I attempted to fix things but I'm sure that since I am not getting any good results I must have mangled something somewhere. Could someone please take a look and advise me so I can get back to this and fix it tomorrow or please fix this for us? Thanks.

PS: Created this topic in wrong area then deleted it and recreated it here where it belongs.