Twelve Kingdoms Season Splitting

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Twelve Kingdoms Season Splitting

Postby Catar » Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:27 am

I don't really mind which way this falls, but it looks like the series Twelve Kingdoms ( was changed to be a single season at some point, where before it was split into four by the four arcs of the story (as indicated by the episode titles).

While four seasons makes sense based on the gaps in airing between each subtitle, one season could also be reasonable given that there aren't really proper season splits in most anime. I'd like to request it finalized as four seasons or one (again, don't care which) and locked if possible to prevent another switchback in the future.

sources are a bit iffy here, both official Japanese websites listed on ANN are now gone. ANN and MAL both list it as a single ongoing show, so I guess that leans toward one long season, but I'm not exactly clear on how the rules are applied since some shows ignore subtitle series splits and others do not.