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Bergwelten (303671)

Postby buyman » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:44 am


There are some specials, which are located in Season 1. I only have the official homepage as source:

Special 1:
Mythos Everest ... 045&lid=14

Special 2:
David Lama - Grenzgänger in Fels und Eis ... 054&lid=14

Special 4:
Bergweihnacht mit Sepp Kahn ... 097&lid=14

Would somebody be so kind to move the specials? I ordered it according to the airdate.

Now the season numbering will also show some gaps. That's why I also want to start a short discussion about the seasons. At the moment, everything is in one season - I would suggest a split into aired years? Unfortunately a lot of airdates are missing, but maybe I can find everything which was aired 2016 and move everything into a new season afterwards?

The only source for initial air date would be the offical ServusTV homepage, or the archive of a TV guide ( To search the latter is a lot of effort, so I would prefer just to take the homepage.