Definitively Dusty in BBC Documentaries (and Music Specials)

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Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:32 am

In both BBC Documentaries and Music Specials is the show "Definitively Dusty" and its a bit of a mess...

First off ... link to BBC iPlayer ... ... d=b00780bt
and to the BBC Website ...

So right ... in BBC Documentaries it's listed under 2013 series ... 6592&lid=7 as well as the 1999 series ... id=4251059 as well as in Music Specials under 2013 ... 9616&lid=7 and BBC Music under 2013 ... 0127&lid=7

None of these are in the correct series as (according to BBC iPlayer) it was first broadcast on 2nd Jul 2000 - the 1st March 2013 date offered for first broadcast appears to be when it was first broadcast on BBC Four. Apart from the the wrong date, the entry under BBC Music is correct.

Any help would be appreciated ... I would add that the whole "BBC Documentaries"; "BBC Music"; "Music Specials" series are all a bit of a mess ... some Music shows in Documentaries only, some in all three! Can we have some guidance??
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