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Wed Sep 09, 2020 10:46 am

This show has a few episodes in need of deletion.


S00E08 - ... es/6538548
is a duplicate of S01E12 ... es/6556786
(S00E08 should be deleted)

S00E07 - ... es/6538546
is a duplicate of S01E11 ... es/6556785
(S00E07 should be deleted)

S00E06 - ... es/6538539
is a duplicate of S01E10 ... es/6556784
(S00E06 should be deleted)

S00E05 - ... es/6538537
is a duplicate of S01E01 ... es/6556773
(S00E05 should be deleted)

S00E04 - ... es/6538531
is a duplicate of S01E09 ... es/6556783
(S00E04 should be deleted)

S00E03 - ... es/6538530
is a duplicate of S01E07 ... es/6556781
(S00E07 should be deleted)

S00E02 - ... es/6538473
is a duplicate of S01E06 ... es/6556780
(S00E02 should be deleted)

S00E02 - ... es/6538471
is a duplicate of S01E04 ... es/6556777
(S00E01 should be deleted)

S00E09 ... es/7309717
should be renumbered to S00E01