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Tue Sep 08, 2020 1:36 pm

There have been A LOT of changes to this series recently.

Is this new listing correct? Here are the changes I found:

'The Turkey Who Came to Dinner' was originally 04x22 is now 04x26
'The Mattress' was originally 04x23 is now 04x22
'Looking For Jack' was originally 04x24 is now 04x23
'Ransom Of Cynthia' was originally 04x25 is now 04x24
'Turtle Recall' was originally 04x26 is now 04x25
'Grandpa's Bad Bug' was originally 05x01 is now 05x09
'Lady Luck' was originally 05x02 is now 05x10
'Hiccups' was originally 05x03 is now 05x19
'Autumn Leaves' was originally 05x04 is now 05x20
'Crime And Punishment' was originally 05x05 is now 05x11
'Baby Maybe' was originally 05x06 is now 05x12
'He Saw, She Saw' was originally 05x09 is now 05x13
'Piggy's Pizza Palace' was originally 05x10 is now 05x14
'Fugitive Tommy' was originally 05x11 is now 05x15
'Visiting Aunt Miriam' was originally 05x12 is now 05x16
'The First Cut' was originally 05x13 is now 05x03
'Chuckie Grows' was originally 05x14 is now 05x04
'Uneasy Rider' was originally 05x15 is now 05x17
'Where's Grandpa?' was originally 05x16 is now 05x18
'The Wild Wild West' was originally 05x17 is now 05x05
'Angelica For A Day' was originally 05x18 is now 05x06
'Babysitting Fluffy' was originally 05x19 is now 05x01
'Sleep Trouble' was originally 05x20 is now 05x02
'Raising Dil' was originally 06x05 is now 06x07
'No Naps' was originally 06x06 is now 06x08
'Man of The House' was originally 06x07 is now 06x09
'A Whole New Stu' was originally 06x08 is now 06x10
'Submarine' was originally 06x09 is now 06x11
'Chuckie's A Lefty' was originally 06x10 is now 06x12
'Baking Dil' was originally 06x11 is now 06x13
'Hair!' was originally 06x12 is now 06x14
'Zoo Story' was originally 06x13 is now 06x29
'I Do' was originally 06x14 is now 06x30
'The Magic Baby' was originally 06x15 is now 06x54
'Dil We Meet Again' was originally 06x16 is now 06x55
'Hand Me Downs' was originally 06x17 is now 06x05
'Angelica's Ballet' was originally 06x18 is now 06x06
'Opposites Attract' was originally 06x19 is now 06x17
'The Art Museum' was originally 06x20 is now 06x18
'The Jungle' was originally 06x21 is now 06x19
'The Old Country' was originally 06x22 is now 06x20
'Ghost Story' was originally 06x23 is now 06x21
'Chuckie's Complaint' was originally 06x24 is now 06x22
'Pedal Pusher' was originally 06x25 is now 06x15
'Music' was originally 06x26 is now 06x16
'Chuckie's Bachelor Pad' was originally 06x27 is now 06x23
'Junior Prom' was originally 06x28 is now 06x24
'Silent Angelica' was originally 06x29 is now 06x31
'Tie My Shoes' was originally 06x30 is now 06x32
'What's Your Line?' was originally 06x31 is now 06x25
'Two By Two' was originally 06x32 is now 06x26
'All's Well That Pretends Well' was originally 06x33 is now 06x56
'Big Babies' was originally 06x34 is now 06x57
'Wrestling Grandpa' was originally 06x35 is now 06x27
'Chuckie Collects' was originally 06x36 is now 06x28
'Runaway Reptar' was originally 06x37 is now 06x46
'No Place Like Home' was originally 07x01 is now 06x35
'Share And Share A Spike' was originally 07x02 is now 06x33
'Tommy For Mayor' was originally 07x03 is now 06x34
'Brothers Are Monsters' was originally 07x04 is now 06x36
'Cooking With Susie' was originally 07x05 is now 06x37
'Planting Dil' was originally 07x06 is now 06x40
'The Joke's On You' was originally 07x07 is now 06x41
'Officer Chuckie' was originally 07x08 is now 06x38
'Auctioning Grandpa' was originally 07x09 is now 06x39
'Partners In Crime' was originally 07x10 is now 06x42
'Thumb's Up' was originally 07x11 is now 06x43
'The Big Showdown' was originally 07x12 is now 06x44
'Doctor Susie' was originally 07x13 is now 06x45
'Accidents Happen' was originally 07x14 is now 06x47
'Pee Wee Scouts' was originally 07x15 is now 06x48
'The Incredible Shrinking Babies' was originally 07x16 is now 06x58
'Miss Manners' was originally 07x17 is now 06x59
'Chuckie's New Shirt' was originally 07x18 is now 06x49
'Cavebabies' was originally 07x19 is now 06x50
'A Dose Of Dil' was originally 07x20 is now 06x60
'Famous Babies' was originally 07x21 is now 06x61
'Be My Valentine' was originally 08x01 is now 06x51
'Discover America' was originally 08x02 is now 06x52
'Acorn Nuts & Diapey Butts' was originally 08x03 is now 06x53
'Angelicon' was originally 08x04 is now 07x02
'Dil's Binkie' was originally 08x05 is now 07x03
'Big Brother Chuckie' was originally 08x06 is now 07x04
'Finsterella' was originally 08x07 is now 07x01
'Dil Saver' was originally 08x08 is now 07x26
'Cooking with Phil & Lil' was originally 08x09 is now 07x27
'Piece of Cake' was originally 08x10 is now 07x28
'Sister Act' was originally 08x11 is now 07x05
'Spike's Nightscare' was originally 08x12 is now 07x06
'Cuddle Bunny' was originally 08x13 is now 07x07
'Bad Shoes' was originally 08x14 is now 07x29
'The World According to Dil & Spike' was originally 08x15 is now 07x30
'Wash/Dry Story' was originally 08x16 is now 07x13
'Dayscare' was originally 08x17 is now 07x11
'The Great Unknown' was originally 08x18 is now 07x12
'Falling Stars' was originally 08x19 is now 07x31
'Changes for Chuckie' was originally 08x20 is now 07x08
'The Magic Show' was originally 08x21 is now 07x09
'A Lulu of A Time' was originally 08x22 is now 07x10
'Cat Got Your Tongue?' was originally 08x23 is now 07x14
'The War Room' was originally 08x24 is now 07x15
'Attention Please' was originally 08x25 is now 07x16
'And The Winner Is...' was originally 08x26 is now 07x17
'Dil's Bathtime' was originally 08x27 is now 07x18
'Bigger Than Life' was originally 08x28 is now 07x19
'Day of The Potty' was originally 08x29 is now 07x23
'Tell-Tale Cell Phone' was originally 08x30 is now 07x24
'The Time of Their Lives' was originally 08x31 is now 07x25
'My Fair Babies' was originally 08x32 is now 07x20
'The Way Things Work' was originally 08x33 is now 07x21
'Home Sweet Home' was originally 08x34 is now 07x22
'Adventure Squad' was originally 08x35 is now 07x32
'The Way More Things Work' was originally 08x36 is now 07x33
'Talk of The Town' was originally 08x37 is now 07x34
'A Rugrats Kwanzaa' was originally 08x38 is now 07x35
'All Growed Up' was originally 08x39 is now 08x01
'Bow Wow Wedding Vows' was originally 08x40 is now 08x11
'Quiet, Please' was originally 08x41 is now 08x03
'Early Retirement' was originally 08x42 is now 08x04
'The Doctor Is In' was originally 08x43 is now 08x05
'The Big Sneeze' was originally 08x44 is now 08x06
'The Fun Way Day' was originally 08x45 is now 08x07
'The Age of Aquarium' was originally 08x46 is now 08x08
'Daddy's Little Helpers' was originally 08x47 is now 08x09
'Hello Dilly' was originally 08x48 is now 08x10
'Cynthia Comes Alive' was originally 08x49 is now 08x12
'Trading Phil' was originally 08x50 is now 08x13
'A Tale of Two Puppies' was originally 08x51 is now 08x14
'Okey-Dokey Jones and the Ring of the Sunbeams' was originally 08x52 is now 08x15
'Curse of the Werewuff' was originally 08x53 is now 08x02
'Back To School' was originally 09x01 is now 08x19
'Sweet Dreams' was originally 09x02 is now 08x20
'A Step At A Time' was originally 09x03 is now 08x21
'Angelica's Assistant' was originally 09x04 is now 08x22
'Pre-School Daze' was originally 09x05 is now 07x36
'Happy Taffy' was originally 09x06 is now 08x16
'Imagine That' was originally 09x07 is now 08x17
'Bug Off' was originally 09x08 is now 09x05
'The Crawl Space' was originally 09x09 is now 09x06
'Babies in Toyland' was originally 09x10 is now 09x02
'Starstruck' was originally 09x11 is now 09x16
'Who's Taffy?' was originally 09x12 is now 09x17
'Bestest of Show' was originally 09x13 is now 09x20
'Hold The Pickles' was originally 09x14 is now 09x21
'Diapies and Dragons' was originally 09x15 is now 09x14
'Baby Power' was originally 09x16 is now 09x15
'They Came From The Backyard' was originally 09x17 is now 09x18
'Lil's Phil of Trash' was originally 09x18 is now 09x19
'Murmur On The Ornery Express' was originally 09x21 is now 08x18
'Club Fred' was originally 09x22 is now 09x13
'The Perfect Twins' was originally 09x23 is now 09x01
'Mutt's In A Name' was originally 09x24 is now 09x07
'Hurricane Alice' was originally 09x25 is now 09x08
'Clown Around' was originally 09x26 is now 09x03
'The Baby Rewards' was originally 09x27 is now 09x04
'Baby Sale' was originally 09x28 is now 09x09
'Steve' was originally 09x29 is now 09x10