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Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:30 pm


I've cleaned up the Louis Theroux series after seeing how documentary series were supposed to look. (After Gilly helped clean up Stacey Dooley Investigates series).

Louis Theroux series:
Source series: ... odes/guide

I added the seasons and season titles based on the BBC listing. Then organized the episodes into the appropriate seasons, adding any that were missing. The remaining episodes that were not part of a BBC listed season were added as specials, and re-ordered by aired date.
The episodes sitting in Unassigned Episodes are the episodes not listed by the BBC as part of the Louis Theroux series, or duplicate episodes.

In the unassigned episodes, all episodes that I can find trace of on BBC were verified to already be listed in BBC Documentaries. There is 1 episode ("The Weird World of Louis Theroux") that I cannot find anywhere on the BBC, which may be just a failure in my search skills.

While cleaning up the series, I ran into 3 issues I could not fix myself that I need moderator help with:
  • Season 4 should be labeled as "By Reason of Insanity", but I get a message saying its the name of an exercise DVD
  • Season 5 episodes should have the "Dark States:" removed from the episode titles, but the descriptions are too long and it cant be saved. The descriptions are the official descriptions from the BBC.
  • Season 6 episodes should have the "Altered States:" removed from the episode titles.. same reason as the Dark States episodes (descriptions are too long)
Is it also possible to Lock Seasons 1 through 6? (if not I understand)

I have a question about one episode as well.. in When Louis Met (thetvdb link) there are 7 episodes and 1 special. I cannot find the special listed anywhere on the BBC, so I am not sure what to do with the episode.. aside from that the series can be removed.

The following series in thetvdb can also be removed: ... ted-family [episode in Louis Theroux] ... treme-love [season in Louis Theroux] ... o-specials [duplicate show] [season in Louis Theroux] ... -mega-jail [season in Louis Theroux] [season in Louis Theroux] ... f-insanity [season in Louis Theroux] [episodes in Louis Theroux] ... ystal-meth [episode in Louis Theroux] ... hannesburg [episode in Louis Theroux] ... cated-kids [episode in Louis Theroux] ... o-oblivion [episode in Louis Theroux] ... o-anorexia [episode in Louis Theroux] ... -the-knife [episode in Louis Theroux] ... iladelphia [episode in Louis Theroux] [episode in Louis Theroux] ... ender-kids [episode in Louis Theroux] ... aedophiles [episode in Louis Theroux] ... -las-vegas [episode in Louis Theroux] ... porn-stars [episode in Louis Theroux] ... -in-crisis [episode in Louis Theroux] ... ehind-bars [episode in Louis Theroux] ... he-brothel [episode in Louis Theroux] ... -the-nazis [episode in Louis Theroux] ... in-america [episode in Louis Theroux] ... n-question [episode in Louis Theroux] ... rent-brain [episode in Louis Theroux] ... r-in-lagos [episode in Louis Theroux] ... ng-holiday [episode in Louis Theroux] [episode in Louis Theroux]

Thank you much for your time!
(please let me know if I did something incorrectly)
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Wed Aug 26, 2020 5:06 am

Sorry but as far as I can see, there are no season numbers on the BBC website - they're all appearing as individual episodes, and this series should not have been messed up like this. They should have been left under the single season, as they were. The BBC do not split them into seasons, so I can't see why you have done this??
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Wed Aug 26, 2020 7:12 am

agreed, there are no seasons on the bbc listing, please revert. I obviously make different use of the TVDB than OP, to think that making this change is in anyway helpful. once a number scheme is established, there needs to be much better reason to go changing it as the knock on effect is significant work.
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Wed Aug 26, 2020 9:06 am

Hi all,

As referenced in the original post, on the BBC page for Stacey Dooley Investigates certain episodes are grouped together and given a title. Two of these groupings are titled Series 2 and Series 6. Then there are 3 groupings in between Series 2 and 6 suggesting they are Series 3, 4 and 5 and have simply been named rather than being left as "Series 3" etc. (Based on air date, the grouping "Sex in Strange Places" is simply listed out of order)

The BBC page for Louis Theroux also groups certain episodes together and titles these groups (Miami Mega-Jail, Extreme Love etc). It's possible that these are series (seasons) and have all simply been named rather than being left as Series 1 etc. So I can see why orrorri has done this.

However, I appreciate we have previously had all the episodes listed as a single season so I'll discuss this with the rest of the Admin/Mod team and get back to you.

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Wed Aug 26, 2020 10:15 am

out of interest. how persistent is the tvdbid for an episode when changes like this are made, i am wondering if i can use episode tvdbid in filename to maintain the link between file on filesystem and the object (image/description) on tvdb (when fetched by media serevr); then it wouldnt matter if a long establishing season/episode numbering scheme is changed [applies particularly to specials). if a tvdbid episode id once assigned stays [mostly] for life then this would become a worthwhile development option to take away.
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Wed Aug 26, 2020 6:29 pm


Not sure if any of this helps the discussion, here is some information from the BBC site regarding the episodes and series...

I pulled the info for 2 episodes (one that is part of a "series" and one that is just listed in the base listing):

Episode "Talking to Anorexia" information:
episode: 26. Talking to Anorexia
episodenum: 26
episodeshort: Talking to Anorexia
senum: s01e26
senumx: 01x26
series: Series 1
seriesnum: 1
sesort: s01e26

Episode "Dark States: Heroin Town"
episode: 01. Heroin Town
episodenum: 1
episodeshort: Heroin Town
senum: s26e01
senumx: 26x01
series: Dark States
seriesnum: 26
sesort: s26e01

I also checked an "Altered States" episode, and that series is labelled as "series 28". (I did not check any of the other seasons or episodes, but I can get any that you need). Again, not sure if that indicates the seasons are not full seasons (because of their odd numbering), or if it indicates they are their own seasons... ? And by their labeling method, what is labelled as "Specials" are actually "Season 1"?

Whether or not the ordering is incorrect.. there are still a lot of duplicates for Louis Theroux in thetvdb. All of the "movies" linked are part of one of the Louis Theroux shows, and the "Louis Theroux BBC2 Specials" is a duplicate of the main series.

I do apologize if I did something incorrectly...
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Wed Aug 26, 2020 7:48 pm

Given that you’re claiming there’s an episode attributed to season 26, and in the new format you’ve invented there is no season 26, you’re still not following the guidelines. People had their media organised around the existing system. The BBC website has no series numbering, that I can see. I don’t know where you got the “series 26” data from as you have not provided a link.
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Wed Aug 26, 2020 10:34 pm

Each "pid" in the bbc has a related .json file that contains metadata information about the episode.

For example: [bbc link]
shows that "Altered States" is of "type: series", and in position 28 for the show.
It also shows that the "aggregated_episode_count" for the series is 3. There are 3 episodes in the series.

For normal series, the position would indicate the season.

As an example: [bbc link]
QI "Series A" is in position 1, as it is the first season, with an aggregated_episode_count of 12 episodes.

back to Louis Theroux: [bbc link]
shows "Take my Baby" is the full title of the episode (not "Altered States: Take my Baby") and that it is the 3rd episode of the series. ("type: episode") It belongs to is its parent programme which is listed as "Altered States", pid=b0bsqsn4, type=series. [bbc link]
shows "type: episode", and episode 26, with the title "Talking to Anorexia".

There are metadata programs in most linux distribution that will grab the data and make it a bit more read friendly (one of which is what I used for copy/paste that i had used previously).
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Tue Sep 01, 2020 7:32 am

Metadata programs and linux distros aren't exactly widely used. If BBC wanted them to be presented as separate seasons, they would display them that way - as they do many other shows.

Even if they were, you haven't created a series 28.

Has this been discussed by the mod team yet?
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Wed Sep 02, 2020 9:40 am

We are looking at this to see what can be undone.