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Sun Apr 05, 2020 3:53 pm

Series "Alas Smith and Jones" has a number of 'Specials' which are actually episodes from other series of this duo.
Their series dates are somewhat scattered, because of BBC network battles and series naming conventions.
However, all but 2 of the 'specials' are actually not part of this series.

Specials page: ... official/0
S001E01 is correct. Christmas special in this series.
S001E02 is correct. Christmas special in this series.

All the other 'specials' should be removed, as below.

Should be REMOVED (duplicates on other series episodes) :
S00E03-S00E06 are copies of S01E01-S01E04 of "Smith and Jones in Small Doses" (1989) - correct entries-
S00E15-S00E20 are copies of S01E01-S01E06 of "The Smith and Jones Sketchbook" (2006) - correct entries- ... official/1.

Should be REMOVED (VHS releases, not broadcast) :
S00E07-S00E14 are a 'best of' collection from Series 1-4 released on VHS - that is, THEY WERE NOT BROADCAST EPISODES.

Can you please delete S00E03-S00E20?
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