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Joe rogan experience

Postby wedsa5 » Mon May 13, 2019 3:21 pm

The show seasons are separated by year, and the first season (2009) has some 2010 episodes in it, which should be moved to 2010.

Also, there are 2 versions of episode #5. the first one should be deleted (in season 2009: ... es/6618789). It has the date of the youtube video and does not reflect the actual date of the episode which is correctly labeled in the #5 episode of season 2010 ( ... es/6044958)

So episodes #3 and #4 should be moved to season 2010, and all subsequent episodes from that season need to be shifted up by 2.( ... es/6044955, ... es/6044956)

Date sources can be found here: (may have to change pages as new episodes are released)

Also, it would make sense to label all the normal episodes with an absolute episode number. I have added it to a few of them.
The problem is that there are some of the MMA show episodes (also sometimes called FC/fight companion or Recap) in there, which have their own numbering scheme which branches off from the main series and doesn't start at #1. I think those should be ignored when it comes to absolute numbering. (The first several fight recap episodes are part of the main series. At some point Joe separated new ones and started numbering them differently)