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Minor cleanup in American Gladiators

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:24 am
by honkdazzle
I've been working on a cleanup of American Gladiators based on the following source:

Note that this list mistakenly skips season 4 and goes to season 5; it should be a total of 7 seasons with no gaps.

It's the only source out there that I can find, and has accurate embargo dates for the syndicated episodes. There was recently a release of some episodes on Hulu whose naming are consistent with the guide above: ... b01fc6850d

I have cleaned up most of the series here already but would appreciate help from a mod with the following:

1. Please delete Season 7 episodes 15 through 18: ... /seasons/7

2. Please delete Season 1 episode 0: ... /seasons/1

3. This whole series is first-run syndicated so the best airdates we have are the embargo dates for the content. If this is acceptable I have already filled a few of the dates in, but would help to mass edit the rest (according to the list at the top). This shouldn't take but a couple of minutes, as I've already edited in the dates for the first/last of each chunk of releases.

Once the airdates are in, maybe we could lock it? This series has seen some sloppiness over the years although it's clearly very low volume.