Titles for Deutschland 83/86 specials

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Titles for Deutschland 83/86 specials

Postby qwak » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:27 pm

This has come up before but I don't think it ever got a reply. The specials for Deutschland 83/86 don't have any information associated with them -- not even a title, from what I can see. Based on previous discussions, it sounds like S00E02 is intended to be the documentary that came out with Deutschland 86. I'm not sure about S00E01, but there might have been a documentary with Deutschland 83?

Anyway, could we get titles for those? S00E02 should be (based on the opening credits):

  • Title: "Comrades & Cash – How Money found its way through the Iron Curtain" (or, in German, "Comrades & Cash - Geheime Geschäfte unter dem Eisernen Vorhang".
  • Description: "This feature-length documentary accompanies the DEUTSCHLAND86 series, highlighting the extreme measures taken by the East German government in order to save their state from bankruptcy."

Who can make it happen?