Some of The Weekenders Season 2 Eps are in Season 4

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Some of The Weekenders Season 2 Eps are in Season 4

Postby ymgenesis » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:43 pm

The Weekenders is odd as each episode has 2 segments, each around 10minutes. On theTVDB each segment is listed as 1 episode (rightly so, I believe. Otherwise organization for files in services like Plex is a nightmare). See Disney's Fandom episode listing, and Wikipedia episode listing: ... isode_list ... s_episodes

On The Weekenders Season 2 page, it's lists up to episode 18 (Brain Envy) and stops. The season actually goes to episode 26. I found the missing episodes in season 4 scattered about the list. There's only 10 episodes in season 4. The organization should be the following:

Season 1 - 16 episodes (currently correct)
1 Crush Test Dummies
2 Grow Up
3 Shoes of Destiny
4 Sense and Sensitivity
5 The Perfect Weekend
6 Throwing Carver
7 [email protected]
8 To Be or Not to Be
9 Band
10 Sitters
11 Makeover
12 The New Girl
13 Party Planning
14 Pudding Ball
15 Dead Ringer
16 Carver the Terrible

Season 2 - 26 episodes (currently missing episodes, add bolded)
1 Radio Drama
2 The Tradition
3 Each To His Own
4 Diary
5 The Invited
6 Real Fake
7 Super Kids
8 Crevasse of Dreams
9 Dixon (1)
10 Dixon (2)
11 Taking Sides
12 To Tish
13 Tickets
14 Vengeance
15 Murph
16 Uncool World
17 My Punky Valentine
18 Brain Envy
19 Tish's Hair
20 I Want To Be Alone!
21 Baskets for Bucks
22 Pru
23 Talent Show
24 Relative Boredom
25 New Friends
26 The Awful Weekend

Season 3 - 26 episodes (currently correct)
1 Crushin' Roulette
2 Lucky Shoes
3 Cry
4 The Perfect Son
5 Listen Up
6 Never Say Diorama
7 Secret Admirer
8 The Lone Wolves Club
9 The Most Dangerous Weekend
10 Charity Case
11 Best
12 Broken
13 Father's Day
14 Follow the Leader
15 Careers
16 Tutor
17 The Tao of Bluke
18 An Experimental Weekend
19 Celebrity (1)
20 Celebrity (2)
21 Clown
22 Testing Dixon
23 Croquembouche
24 Imperfection
25 The Worst Holiday Ever (1)
26 The Worst Holiday Ever (2)

Season 4 - 10 episodes (currently too many episodes, move bolded to season 2, but order is mismatched. See season 2 above for correct order.)
1 Relative Boredom
2 Talent Show
3 Tish's Hair
4 I Want to be Alone!

1 Nevermore (1)
2 Nevermore (2)
7 Baskets for Bucks
8 Pru
9 New Friends
10 The Awful Weekend

3 Brain Dead
4 Lor's Will
5 Radio Free Carver
6 Dinner Party
7 Laundry Day
8 Penny McQuarrie
9 Tino's Dad (1)
10 Tino's Dad (2)

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Re: Some of The Weekenders Season 2 Eps are in Season 4

Postby ymgenesis » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:56 pm

Was going to add the episodes myself but saw this warning:

"Under NO circumstances should you blank out episodes you feel need deleted. Users work hard to enter information into the database and deserve respect. If you feel an episode information needs edited, post in the forums first. This is the MAIN reason series get locked. Also, keep in mind that Admins/Mods have the ability to move, delete, renumber and edit episodes in batches. If 12 episodes of a series are currently in season 2 and should actually be in season 3, there is no need for you as a user to create the 12 episodes in season 3. Simply post in the forum with sources and an Admin/Mod can move and renumber all 12 episodes in less than a minute."

Could do it myself in a short time. We'll see how long this takes!