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Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:15 pm

Welcome to! We are to providing the most updated, sensible and accurate TV information to ALL users to access us online and via their HTPC software. In order to do this, we rely on you, the user! We are open to the public and always happy to see our community grow. In order to keep the database in order, we have established a set of rules for both the main site and the forums. Please read this and feel free to comment in the forums. Enjoy the site and enjoy your stay! WIKI:
We ask that anyone who plans on becoming a part of community please takes the time to read over the WIKI as it will make your experience more worthwhile. We know the WIKI isn’t perfect. If you see something that needs to be added, edited or deleted, please post in the forums. In the WIKI, you’ll notice that it is requested that sources be provided when making requests in the forums for information to be changed. This is because we can’t just “take your word for it” (no offense). Because we here at are trying to provide the most accurate information on the web, we have to have proof (I know, it sucks being diligent).

SEARCH the Forums:
Please understand that there are A LOT of people in community already. Because of this, there is a good chance that something you are about to ask was previously brought up. So, we ask that you do a SEARCH of the forums before posting request. C’mon, it only takes a minute and there is a decent chance that your question has already been answered.

SEARCH the Database:
When searching the database, try not to use specifics, this way you come up with plenty of results. Here's a GREAT example:
Say you want to add the series ".HACK//DUSK"
In the "Series Name" box enter: hack
Change the "Language" box to: All
and you come up with THIS
Obviously, ".HACK//DUSK" does not appear in the list. But wait, a quick search for ".HACK//DUSK" on an approved anime source, AnimeNewsNetwork comes up with THIS. As you can see, .HACK//DUSK has three (3) alternative US titles, one of which, .HACK//Legend of the Twilight, appears in the database. This means the series you are looking for already exists and does not need to be entered. Even though this may have taken you five (5) minutes, it probably saved you a lot of grief of entering the series only to have it deleted because it was a duplicate.

Sources of information:

Being a Community:
We know that the site isn’t perfect. That’s why we need you! You think something’s wrong? Question it! You think something is unclear? Let us know! You have the greatest idea for the site that it would eliminate all issues for the rest of time? PLEASE TELL US! A lot of ideas that have come from the community have been implemented into the current site and a lot more into
the new site to come. We hope that the community will never cease to expand and improve

What Qualifies as a Series:
A series is exactly what it sounds like, a sequence of shows. If a show on TV isn't a series, it doesn't belong here, with the exception of documentaries (see "Documentaries" in this post). This means that made-for-TV movies, single episode specials, and the like should not be listed on theTVdb. These should be included in your movies directories as most movie database websites (IMDB, TMDb, etc.) take care of them. If in doubt, post in the forums before adding a series. Web Series' fall under a different set of rules which can be found HERE

Editing/Moving/Deleting Episodes:
Under NO circumstances should you blank out episodes you feel need deleted. (everyone can now see the username of the last person to edit an entry and warnings/bans will be issued for repeat "blanking" offenders) Users work hard to enter information into the database and deserve respect. If you feel an episode information needs edited, post in the forums first. This is the MAIN reason series' get locked. Also, keep in mind that Admins/Mods have the ability to move, delete, renumber and edit episodes in batches. If 12 episodes of [SERIES] are currently in Season 2 and should actually be in Season 3, there is no need for you as a user to create the 12 episodes in Season 3. Simply post in the forum with sources and an Admin/Mod can move and renumber all 12 episodes in less than a minute.

Uploading Images (Banners):
Let's be honest; having images, or banners as we call them, really makes your HTPC software great. Without banners, your HTPC is bland and unimpressive. We here at theTVdb,com understand this and encourage everyone to make each series their own. Please, upload your custom banners for every series you own, but make sure you're being smart about it. Do not upload images that are blurry, pixelated and/or generally poor quality. We'd rather not have banners than poor quality banners. Also, DO NOT upload images that contain nudity. This includes animated nudity. Just because it is a cartoon/anime does not make the nudity okay. Think of it like this: If you were thirteen years old, and you physically had the picture you are about to upload, would your mother approve of you having it? If the answer is "no", then don't upload it. Keep in mind that people of ALL AGES browse this site, and we need to protect children from viewing material deemed inappropriate by applicable laws. If you upload an image of poor quality or inappropriate material, your upload privileges will be disallowed. If your upload privileges have been locked, it was most likely me (Serberus) who locked you. I give you permission to PM me personally in these cases, but understand that I'm most likely not going to be very nice. I expect everyone to read and follow the rules. If you are PMing me about your upload privileges being disallowed, it means you haven't read or chose not to follow the rules.

On a side note: Most HTPC software allows you to customize images using pictures on your PC, so if you want to view that material, please refer to you HTPC software manual/wiki.

Locked Series'/Seasons/Episodes:
When an Administrator or Moderator locks a series/season/episode there is usually a VERY good reason for doing so. Some reasons that come to mind are; users are constantly incorrectly editing the data, the data is being reviewed to make sure it is correct, the data should not be listed on theTVdb, the entry is a duplicate of an already existing entry, etc. We are striving to provide the most accurate information possible. If something is locked and you believe it needs editing or you have information to add, Search the forums first. There's a chance that the topic has been raised before, and you may gain some insight. If you find nothing in your search, post a topic in the appropriate forum. Be sure you are clear and concise on what you're looking to achieve. Make sure you provide valid sources of information and a link to the series/season/episode on Under no circumstances should you PM/Email an Admin or Mod for this reason.

As of late a lot of you have been adding 1-off documentaries as their own series. This is a very messy way to handle it and we would appreciate it if you'd stop doing such.
This isn't to say that a 10-part documentary series on the rain forest or the great pyramids shouldn't be added as a series or anything. The whole concept of "series" implies that there is more than one episode, so in these cases it would make sense for there to be a series entry for it.
However, in the case that BBC or National Geographic does a special on fruit flies or the mating habits of frozen waffles, there are already series' in place for this purpose:

BBC Documentaries:
PBS Documentaries:
SBS Documentaries:
History Channel Documentaries:
National Geographic Documentaries:

We prefer if you make season numbers the year in which documentary was aired. (i.e. If the show aired in 2008, it would belong in Season 2008). Most of the series' do this properly, however, some do not.. National Geographic, for example, is a complete mess and we're aware it needs straightened up.

Compilations of documentaries that have been released to DVD do not get their own series either. Examples of this were the recently added "Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts" and "National Geographic: National Parks Collection" which have been deleted. These are not true series' but rather collections of episodes that have been put together strictly for DVD sale. On most occasions, these episodes already exist as part of their original series.

Making a Request on the Forums:
Here is a GREAT example of what an edit request should look like:
akenarf wrote:Hi,

Currently all 13 episodes are in season 1 - should be split over 2 seasons:

1-7 in Season 1
8-13 in Season 2
The Mallens id 78791

see for details

It is to the point, has a link to the series on theTVdb, a link to a valid resource and the poster was correct. This was only the user's 3rd post in the forums. Obviously s/he took the time to research and read any and all information provided so that his/her request would be done quickly. My hat is off to this user for making my work easy!

DVD Extras:
DVD Extras are not allowed. Do not add cast interviews, behind the scenes footage or an actor making pancakes before s/he heads off to the shoot. They are simply useless and have no business in the database.

Movie Serials:
Movie Serials are not allowed on the database, They are better served by IMDB or another movie database.

Web Series, Sports and WWE/UFC:
This was a post made by szsori, one of the site Owners/Admin:
szsori wrote:We've had an internal discussion with our mods and come up with some more clearly defined rules for what is and is not allowed. I'm going a step further with a few of these things to make sure there's no gray area. If you have questions, feel free to ask, but debate on these will be mostly ignored since anything you say will probably have been said already.

Web Series
Examples: Red vs Blue, Jake & Amir, etc.
These are now allowed on this site. Make sure you follow these rules:
  1. For series with an average episode length of under 10 minutes, there must be at least 20 episodes to be added.
  2. For series with an average episode length of at least 10 minutes, there must be at least 10 episodes to be added.
  3. These first 10 or 20 episodes MUST be added immediately after the series record is created.
  4. Series with an average episode length of under 2 minutes are not allowed. Example: failblog videos.
  5. There must be an official order for the clips available, generally listed by upload date.
You don't have to be exact with the average length, but check out a handful of episodes and estimate. When in doubt, post on the forums with links. The length and number requirements are to keep the site focused on things that are episodic in nature instead of just a random sampling of unordered clips.

Sports are not allowed and will not be allowed in the foreseeable future. If someone really feels like there should be a user supported database for sports I would encourage them to make it. The problem is that sports requires some very specific fields that vary considerably from our site's fields. There's some excellent sports data feeds out there, so someone would only need to use that data (after checking copyrights) and associate graphics and a proper API.

Episodic sports like these are not currently allowed, but may be allowed on the new site. If we find them on the site right now they will be deleted. Once the new site is up and running we'll take a look at our new structure and see how it'll work with these. I'd say there's an 80% chance we'll allow them. However, until that decision is made and posted, they're not allowed.

Movies, one time documentaries (also called movies), made for TV movies, books, hidden camera feeds from your neighbor's bathroom, and furry porn convention photos are still not allowed. Although hikaricore would probably love those photos via email.
Anime in General:
That's right, there's a specific section in the rules for anime. The reason is because we run into so many different issues with this specific genre.
First off, there are TONS of inappropriate images uploaded to anime series' all the time, mainly nudity. Please refer to the "Uploading Images (Banners)" section above. NUDITY OF ANY SORT IS NOT ALLOWED! If it can't be shown on a magazine cover in MOST countries, it can't be shown here. I say most countries, because a few countries do allow it. Understand that if a 13 year old kid in America comes to the site and sees a picture of a fully nude man or woman (cartoon or real), we could have an issue.
Secondly, make sure the series you are about to enter is not already in the database. Shoot over to and look at the alternative titles for your series. For instance .Hack//Legend of the Twilight has 3 different U.S. titles; .Hack//DUSK, .Hack//Legend, and .Hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet as seen HERE. These are listed as AKAs in our database, so adding a new series for ".Hack//DUSK" will basically piss us off as well as put you on the "dumbass" list.
Thirdly, do not create separate series' for seasons. Anime series' like to give sub-titles to each story arc in a lot of cases, but they are simply seasons when it all boils down. A great example of this is Sailor Moon with seasons 1 through 5 named "Sailor Moon", "Sailor Moon: R", "Sailor Moon: S", "Sailor Moon: Super S", and "Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars" respectively. When in doubt, ask on the forums.
Last, but not least, we do not list anime movies, even if there are sequels. An example of this would be Urotsukidoji. There are currently a total four (4) movies in the series. Even though they are a series, they are still MOVIES which are not allowed. I, personally, have deleted this series from the database at least five (5) times.

OVAs (Anime or Not):
OVAs (Original Video Animations) fall under the movie category. Because of this, OVAs are not allowed in the database unless they can be tied to an already existing TV series, in which case, they would be added to the "Specials" season. Hentai falls under the OVA arc, which means it is not allowed. This bears repeating; HENTAI IS NOT ALLOWED. Simple enough?

Multi-segment Episode Splitting:
This applies to cartoons only. When a cartoon has multiple story lines in a single episode the standard on this site is to enter each story as a separate episode. This is because it's quite common for networks to release them separately at some point. For those people wishing to still pull the information as single episodes with multiple story lines we ask that you fill in the DVD Order. The DVD Order can be used to combine multiple episodes into one episode so that you can choose to store your files either by story line or as complete episodes. Complaining about this long standing site rule will not get us to change it.

The Hard Truth:
Obviously, there are thousands of user and only a few Admins and Mods. Because of this, we as Admins and Mods have to set forth certain guidelines when it comes to requesting our help, guidance or what have you. So, without further ado, some ground rules for

  • You should read this post before posting in the forums or editing the site.
  • You should read the WIKI before posting in the forums.
  • You should always SEARCH the forums before posting a topic.
  • You should always SEARCH the database before entering a series.
  • You should always provide a link to the series in the database when requesting anything.
  • NEVER PM/Email an Admin or Mod unless you have a really good reason to do so.
  • DO NOT blank episodes you think are incorrect or have incorrect information.
  • DO NOT upload poor quality images.
  • DO NOT upload images that contain nudity (cartoon or real).
  • Do your own research! (Think of it like court, the more proof you have, the more likely you’ll win your case!)
  • Always use reputable sources of information.
  • If you feel something needs changed/edited/fixed/deleted/made into a sandwich, post in the forums.
  • WE DO NOT LIST SPORTS, PERIOD! (This includes, but is not limited to: WWE, UFC, NFL, NBA, Free-Running, etc.)

In closing, if we work together, we can make THE source for TV information. It will take hard work and time to get there, but looking at the alternatives, it is simply inevitable. Be diligent, intelligent and above all persnickety (HA! I always wanted to use that word in a sentence!).

This rule set is subject to change without notice. The title will ALWAYS include the date of the last update in a {DD/MM/YYYY} format. Any new updates will be in bold, italics and colored RED, thusly. As users, you are expected to keep yourself informed and updated with the rules and follow them accordingly.
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