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Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:19 pm

Please refer to this previous discussion - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=64704&p=176538&hil ... al#p176538

Time is running out for someone with authority to make a decision and a plan. General Hospital has been on Covid 19 hiatus since the May 21st episode. It returns on Monday, August 3rd (3 days from now). According to ABC the episode should be listed as Season 57 Episode 164. The TVDB would list it as Season 58 Episode 31 if someone entered it. And probably someone will, making it worse.
I understand that policy says that you don't renumber. I am not asking for you to do that especially since it is ABC's illogical move to change history by renumbering the last 8 years of GH episodes. All I am asking is that someone of authority at theTVDB somehow set up the listings so that Monday, August 3rd's episode is listed as Season 57 Episode 164 (nevermind that it already occurred on Nov. 25, 2019). I don't care about the past. ABC screwed that up. We need to make sure that the future episodes are listed correctly.

It's up to you folks running theTVDB to get this straightened out as all the major EPGs have done already. You had 2 months to come up with a plan as I asked you to do and all you did was mark my warning -declined- and hoped it would go away. From here on out I wash my hands of this problem. I don't even watch General Hospital, my wife does. I just handle the TV database and library for our household.
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Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:41 pm

The 'plan' was already decided. We don't renumber episodes if the network does. We're not going to wipe out a previous entry with a new one. There are multiple instances all over the database where this already exists and the site will never match what is on the show site. In most of those instances you can see through wayback that we did match -- but the site renumbered. You will need to handle local metadata if you want old numbering.

On a side note: I hold the same position in my house. I'm the person that keeps the Emby server running where my wife consumes her media. For about half of the items in there - I don't use the TVDB numbering for a variety of reasons: the database is wrong / the network site is wrong or renumbered (looking at you, Scripps) / or simply because the choices made in numbering don't make sense and it's my media server and my rules. :-)

For we home media server maintainers - we have a lot of flexibility (or at least a lot of flexibility if you steer clear of Plex) in maintaining a consistent ordering that is not reliant on database scraping. Scraping is a convenience - but slapping out an nfo file with MediaElch isn't exactly a big drain on my resources or time, either. Hopefully anybody doing media server administration duties for their household has already got a robust nfo creation tool in their arsenal.
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Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:57 pm

Thank you for your reply but again I think my point was missed. Yes, originally the cause for my writing was to have someone at the TVDB do a renumber to match ABC's crazy reversal of history when they renumbered a 57+ year old show. I wanted that at the time because I simply did not know the DB rules. Now I do and I fully agree with them including the rule that what it is when it first airs is what it is.
My concern now is about future shows starting Monday, August 3rd, 2020 when the show comes back from hiatus. Do we synch with ABC and call the first new show S57E164 or do we stick with what we have and call it S58E31? Or might it be time to follow TVMaze and IMDB with using both year/episode and absolute episode number at the same time? That's all I was looking for. How are future episodes going to be labeled? If it were me making the decision, I'd tell Disney/ABC "Screw you!, for 57 years GH celebrated their anniversary on the day that the show started (April 1st, 1963) and just because new management considers September a season starting point now, that doesn't make renumbering right." I'd go with S58E31.
In any event, at least for the short term until it becomes clear as to how TVDB chooses (or not chooses) to handle this, I have planned to follow a course similar to yours to skip using TVDB for this show and come up with another strategy. In a lot of ways I have what appears to be a Rube Goldberg video management system. I'm not one to simply buy a complete solution off the shelf. But it's unorthodoxness opens up more options for me. I'll figure out something. It'll all work out ok.
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