Add/Replace Image - why can't we replace?

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Add/Replace Image - why can't we replace?

Postby yawenaj » Tue May 14, 2019 1:05 pm


I don't use the forums much but I do update stuff on TVDB on a frequent basis - almost daily, in fact - however I was wondering why the "replace" ability of the "Add/Replace Image" button doesn't work.

Looking at the forums, if this was (I'm guessing re-)enabled, it would solve a helluva lot of issues. Some of the shows I update include Real Time With Bill Maher, The View, and UNHhhh, all of which I occasionally find myself beaten to the punch with regard to adding an image - even if I try and add the image within 24 hours of the show airing. This wouldn't be a problem if people took greater care, but some users seem to think it's more important to add any old image as soon as possible rather than the best available.

Recent issues: ... es/7166556 - this is an incorrect image that user sporcleqlh27ck8 clearly accidentally added to the wrong day. Fair enough, I've annoyingly made this error before and if the Replace option was available it'd be no problem. - in their rush to add an image, user elebe11y8nl added this artwork which still contains the "New episode" label. Usually these images are updated by the network to be without this label, so patience would mean there wouldn't be this unsightly labelling. Similarly, the more recent episode here has had a bad edit job by user acidbettryb1b to obscure the label but it looks crap ... es/7176446 - here, a user (not me, as is currently listed, because this person added the image without any text so that was my edit which was subsequent) has chosen a screenshot of one of the guests (personally, I favour the long shot of the table so you can see everyone but I realise that's subjective preference) with his eyes closed, clearly mid-blink. This was a terrible choice of image. Of all the screenshots they could have taken, they thought this was not only worth saving but also uploading!

All these frustrations would be no big deal if we could still REPLACE them. Is there any chance this feature will be reinstated? I am curious to know why it was removed in the first place since we can still replace actor images on shows, and this seems very much a related ability for regular users.

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Re: Add/Replace Image - why can't we replace?

Postby rev.pragon » Tue May 14, 2019 1:16 pm

So and you think if this is available for all Users no one´s gonna replace your Pics? That happened to myself often on the old site.
It would end in the Forum where Mods have to lock the Episode and if that´s gonna happen, no one can add Translations any more and the next Thread open´s up.
We could talk a lot about the Pros and Contras but the Thing is that this Feature will not come back again on the current Site because the Admin is currently working with all of his Energy on the new Site with more Functions.
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