Peter Rabbit (2013) S2 Specials

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Peter Rabbit (2013) S2 Specials

Postby MrSBaldrick » Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:16 am

Season Two has been airing for a while now on both sides of the pond.
The US was airing first for a while, now the BBC are airing lots of new episodes which weren't listed on TVDB (so I've added them in BBC order)

However there are a few episodes in S2 which should be edited to make them Specials instead of standard episodes.
The basis of calling them Specials is that they are double length.

Although it still hasn't aired on the BBC, here's S02E05 on Amazon which says it's 25 mins long: ... B00OGPLFF4

S02E26 (Kitten and Pig) is 23 minutes duration for sure, so it needs to be removed from the normal listing (I've already added it as a special ages ago)

Once these two are changed, the episodes that followed will need to be rippled.

It seems that in the US, newer Peter Rabbit episodes no longer have 'The Tale of' at the start of each title?
For the record the BBC have continued doing this...

S02E04 and E05 haven't aired in the UK yet, and aren't scheduled to air yet.

This site suggests that the BBC commissioned 52 Episodes and 2 specials: ... ion/040048

The BBC have aired 45 eps and 1 special. With 5 more eps schedule next week.

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Re: Peter Rabbit (2013) S2 Specials

Postby furby » Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:40 pm

What network are they showing in the US?

The dates don't match up to the BBC for the early episodes (like you said).
I don't really like the idea of switching broadcasters, it can only lead to later confusion.

Edit/We have Nickelodeon listed as the channel, this of course fills me with instant horror and makes me heavily lean toward the BBC for show info.
Please link to the series/episode page and your sources. Wikipedia is NOT a valid source.

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Re: Peter Rabbit (2013) S2 Specials

Postby MrSBaldrick » Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:09 am

Hello. I've just seen your reply.

Looking at the TVDB listing: there's a new Christmas episode 2x54, which isn't scheduled to be shown on the BBC as far as I can tell (the Beeb are airing the original Christmas Tale special from 2013)

I'd be happy to go with the US airing order, and when the BBC air new episodes I'll just add them to the end of the list as episode 101, 102 etc. Then when the do air in the US they can be moved back down the list and I can rename my files.

I'm more interested in getting the specials 'fixed', for example the Kitten and Pig episode is currently listed twice.


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Re: Peter Rabbit (2013) S2 Specials

Postby syncretic » Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:41 am

I think S02 has wrapped up. Can we get the two episodes removed that are actually specials? I edited the specials so they show up on the season page and the duplicates are obvious now (before they were only listed on the specials page).

Radio Times says there are 50 episodes in season 2. ... e/series-2

TVDB currently has 54 episodes. If the two specials are removed, that leaves 52. Where did the two extra episodes come from?