Animaniacs - Serious DVD Order Suggestion

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Animaniacs - Serious DVD Order Suggestion

Postby Josh__NZ » Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:13 pm

Hey guys!

I have read up on this a lot, and it seems that a number of your are in agreement that this series is a pain to deal with, and subsequently why it is locked.

I have read the entire thread on Animaniacs clarifications (hopefully) and I understand what effort has gone into Animaniacs listing already. however - I ask that you please hear me out.

I have noticed while trying to scrape the tags off for every single actual episode, the 1.1, 1.2. 1.3 does not work with a program like iDentify and subsequently having 3 episode descriptions on Apple TV doesn't work. I followed the instructions in some threads that suggested I use an episode id of something like s01e01e02e03. Unfortunately this did not work either. It was even suggested that one should use CloneDVD and separate full episodes into their inner-story clips. But if anyone remembers Animaniacs, They start with a pre-story arc, often have intermissions that continue throughout the show (and sometimes even break into the clips) and then finish with a conclusion. Separating into individual clips is great to identify mini-story details, but overall loses the episode's cannon.

I then realised the DVD order for Animaniacs (72879) is actually listed the exact same way as Aired order or Absolute order, and none of which actually help for those that wish to keep the file whole, as it was aired, without cutting it up. Not to mention, CloneDVD is Windows-only.

The information for the episodes could be better listed in DVD order as the rule states it should - combine multiple episodes... as complete episodes

Multi-segment Episode Splitting:
The DVD Order can be used to combine multiple episodes into one episode so that you can choose to store your files either by story line or as complete episodes.

IMDB already has this format listed, but iDentify won't pull from IMDB as it sees theTVDB as a primary source.

At present all three orders are listed the same, each clip as a separate episode, even if it is listed as 1.1,1.2 etc... they are still separate. Is it please at all possible to have one of the 3 orders to be listed the same as IMDB? and as in with this case - in the same way the forum rules state that multi-split shows should be organised; S01E01.1,1.2,1.3 being just S01E01, then S01E02.1,2.2,2.3 is S01E02?

Thank you for reading!

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Re: Animaniacs - Serious DVD Order Suggestion

Postby ragefear » Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:04 am

I second the notion to at least duplicate the efforts as I too do not wish to chop up my series any further than the episodes of which they already are. I find it odd that even the 65th anniversary episode is number 160. I would be more than willing to add the series myself for those of us who do not wish to have chopped up episodes.

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Re: Animaniacs - Serious DVD Order Suggestion

Postby DarklightIndigo » Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:13 pm

I'm going to experiment with this a bit and try to get a consistent outcome.
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Re: Animaniacs - Serious DVD Order Suggestion

Postby immortaljackwest » Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:31 am

Is there anymore thoughts on possibly setting this to the DVD list. I would also not like to split up the episodes as it would split in into over 200 files. Why not keep it simple and just make it the dvd order

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Re: Animaniacs - Serious DVD Order Suggestion

Postby jhartenstine » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:40 pm

I would love for this topic to be revisited. I use a website to track activity through my media center, and the fact that each segment represents itself as a separate episode causes both the series runtime and the episode count to be off by a factor of 3. I think that suggestions previously in this thread have been good. The only other idea I can offer is this: if segments are to remain listed as episodes, appropriately adjust the episode runtime (i.e. ten minutes) so that the overall picture of the series is more accurate.