[English] Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma - S05E05

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The translation for this episode title/overview has some errors; it looks like it was pulled from the official website, but it's wrong there too.

The original title reads コンビニ, in which ビ is "bi", not "vi". The overview then says "convenient store" instead of "convenience store" like it should be, and uses "concurred" when it probably meant "completed"


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Having completed the first challenge, Soma heads off to the second venue. There, he encounters someone unexpected. The second challenge begins and its theme is to “cook something worth over $100, with items sold in the convenience store”! Soma is confident with the theme, however, every dish he presents are rejected by the judges! What could be the reason!?
https://thetvdb.com/series/food-wars-sh ... 774/single
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The Title were taken from the official Site, now i´ve took the one from Crunchyroll.
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