Somali and the Forest Spirit - Add Episode Description (Locked English Translation)

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Please add these Descriptions to their respective Episodes.
Episode 01:
In a world ruled by monsters, a golem takes a human child on a journey in search of her own kind. In a city, the people express surprise at seeing a golem leave its forest, and a curious Somali strays from Golem's side.
Episode 02:
When Somali gets injured, the dwarf oni doctor Shizuno invites them back to his house for treatment. Golem asks Shizuno to teach him how to make medicine to use on their journey going forward.
Episode 03:
In order to earn travel funds, Golem gets a job working for Kokilila in Anthole City. As Somali watches him at work, she begins to fear he's trying to end their journey as soon as possible. Kokilia's son, Kikila, then leads her into an underground world to cheer Somali up.
Episode 04:
With Kikila and Muthrica's help, Somali finds a flower that will grant wishes. But Golem scolds her for coming home late, and tells her they may not be able to travel together anymore. The psychological trauma collides with Somali's building exhaustion from the journey, and causes her to collapse.