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Great Planes

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:49 am
by SteveFord
Great Planes needs to be updated to reflect which series it represents. There was an older show called "Great Planes" which, from the looks of it, was made sometime in the 80's but the details are very google fu was weak. It might have been part of or a spin-off of the show "Wings" or "Discovery Wings"

The other show called "Great Planes" took place in 2008

These two shows seem to have been merged in this entry. The banner is from the original show and the poster from the new show.

The 2008 show consisted of 3 seasons of 10 episodes each.

Should I create a new show for the 2008 version or should the current entry be modified?

Re: Great Planes

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:15 am
by dd314159
You should do neither.
There in fact is only 1 show from the discovery channel called "Great Planes". There were also "Discovery Wings" and "Wings" some of the same footage was used for these other two series but in fact were separate.

As far as "Great Planes", there was the original show and later it was revived with newer graphics and a few more episodes broadcast, but it is the same series. The detail here has been pieced together with those facts, even though there is little information on the internet concerning this. imdb in this case is an extremely weak source.
If you have any other sources on this series please feel free to share them here. I'll leave this open for now, but nothing will be done with this series for now.

Re: Great Planes

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:30 pm
by SteveFord
Thanks for the feedback. I've been trying to dig up information on this series for some time. I tend to think they are too separate series because I've compared episodes and found nothing in common outside of the name and some stock footage (I've specifically compared the P-51 episode for both series). The first series was produced by an Australian company AVI International in 1989, and the second series was produced by M2 Pictures, LLC for Military Channel in 2008. The narrative is completely different and the second series has a significant amount of different material.

This would lead me to believe it is either a completely different series, or a revival of the series similar to Dr. Who and Dr. Who (2005). As far as IMDB is concerned, it seems to have the most information I can find anywhere on the second series including air dates.

There is hardly any information on the first series. Comparing them visually really seems convince me that they are truly two different series. So I thought I would throw that out there. By the way if you're the guy responsible for setting up the BBC Documentaries category, well done! That has really helped me catalog many of my documentaries.


Re: Great Planes

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:00 am
by dd314159
Can't take credit for BBC doc's that was my friend manekineko.
As far as Great Planes, keep looking there is bound to be more info somewhere. If it proves to be like Dr. Who & DW2005 we can get the episodes split out.

Re: Great Planes

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:19 am
by klb
I found two sources for these episodes. The first is TVRage(1), which appears to match up with IMDb's(2) episode order and broadcast dates. The second is TV Guide(3), which seems to corroborate the broadcast dates but differs on episode order.

3. ... des/375083

Re: Great Planes

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:00 am
by dd314159
I see you have three sources listed thank you for that, but as you can see none of them contain even the same # of episodes. Still looking for other info & more sources.

Re: Great Planes

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:23 pm
by darrenk13
Some more data sources though not authoritative.

This dvd ... eat+planes

seems to line up with season one here

which is close to

from 2012: ... nnel+wings

this seems to match up with season 3 at imdb (sorting by date on imdb seems to be broken for this season)

imdb matches tvguide for season 3 ... des/375083

and also seems to line up.