BBC Imagine Series

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BBC Imagine Series

Postby carst » Mon Mar 02, 2015 7:07 am

I have been looking at the listing for the BBC Imagine series, and some of the season and episode numbering is all wrong. Can this please be corrected?

The listing at TVrage seems correct:
The information at the BBC series page unfortunately is incomplete – both seasons and episodes are missing.

First, in season 3 episode numbering is listed in reverse:

1 Arthur Miller: Finishing the Picture 2004-11-24
2 Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson's Smile 2004-12-01
3 Simon Callow, Kelly Brook 2004-12-02

4 Saint John Coltrane 2004-06-16
5 The Mysterious Mr Hopper 2004-06-02
6 Sitting for Lucian Freud 2004-06-09
7 The Smoking Diaries 2004-07-07

You can see by their dates, the order is wrong. It should be:

5 = 1 The Mysterious Mr Hoppe
6 = 2 Sitting for Lucian Freud
4 = 3 Saint John Coltrane
. (missing)
. (missing)
7 = 6 The Smoking Diaries

The first three episodes are actually part of Season number 4 (the winter 2004 season), and need to be moved.
s03e01 = s04e01
s03e02 = s04e02

Episode 3 seems to be part of another show (The Frank Skinner Show). The other episodes for this season are missing.

Next, the three episodes for A Short History of Tall Buildings are listed as Season number 4. These are rather a special in the summer season (number 5). The whole season number 6 (winter 2005) is missing.

After that, TVrage lists 4 episodes from January onward as a separate season (7). The TVDB does only list two of these episodes, but lists them as specials for Season 6. I would suggest keeping this numbering.

This does mean that every episode from season 7 upward needs to be numbered up two seasons.

I will start out by adding missing episodes. Can the above errors please be corrected?

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Re: BBC Imagine Series

Postby furby » Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:37 am

The episodes should be in date order, I suspect like you say the wacky BBC listing could be the cause.

The BFI has the same dates we do so if they're the same as TV Rage I'm happy for you to use either site to. Not sure BFI has everyone but, the dates will be accurate if you have any gaps/discrepancies.


Go ahead and reorder Season 3
I've moved the first 3 episodes of Season 3 to Seasons 4
Feel free to edit the rouge Episode 3
Can you give me link to the BBC showing The "Tall Buildings' episodes as specials? I'll move then once we confirm that.
Add the Winter 2005 episodes to the current season 6 for the moment.

Hmm, I'd rather not up the seasons like that. Again, link me to the BBC site so I can see the season breakdown.

Thanks for posting, few more links and would have been a very good first post :)
Please link to the series/episode page and your sources. Wikipedia is NOT a valid source.