Saint Seiya seasons deletion (or merging)

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Here are the entries we have for Saint Seiya:

Saint Seiya:
Saint Seiya Hades:
The Lost Canvas:

While Saint Seiya Hades can undoubtedly be considered a season of the anime, and is added as the forth, fifth and sixth seasons in the first page (the Saint Seiya Hades page should be merged with the seasons, IMO, is there a way to do it? I'm new here), The Lost Canvas would be another series entirely, with different characters, plot, setting, everything - much alike Omega, that has its own page too. The Lost Canvas is also, though, added as the last two seasons of Saint Seiya. Would there be a way of fixing that?

Thanks in advance.
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Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold is now listed as season 9. Would be nice to know whether that's correct or whether it should be season 7 (or a completely different series altogether).
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