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The first Extra Stage is actually 2 episodes not just 1 like it's listed at ... 9833&lid=7. ... hp?id=1153
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Has this been looked at it yet? I was trying to organize the Initial D specials on my own Plex server and saw the listing could not take account for the two part episodes of Initial D's Extra Stage. Not sure how you guys would approach with the naming when splitting it up but probably suffix Extra Stage with Part 1 and Part 2? Additional sources cited below to supplement OP's request.

Official Funimation shows Extra Stage with two titles (Beyond Impact Blue... and Sentimental White). ... tal-white/

To further expand on the OP's sourced link. Anime News Network lists two episodes for Extra Stage. ... 53&page=25

My Anime List reports two episodes as well. ... nitial%20d

As well as AniDB.

Even IMDB has it listed with two parts but the info there is incomplete at best. ... t_eps_sn_1
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Just bumping this request. Extremely popular anime, but unfortunately the lesser known Extra Stages have been neglected on the database.

Database has Extra Stage listed as one episode, when in actual fact there's 2 Episodes within that Extra Stage. One way to look at it is to look at the Extra Stage as it's own mini Season with 2 episodes, but it's still a Special.

I propose the new Specials episodes list to look as follows:

S00E01 - Extra Stage Part 1 - Beyond The Impact Blue
S00E02 - Extra Stage Part 2 - Sentimental White
S00E03 - Battle Stage
S00E04 - Battle Stage 2
S00E05 - Extra Stage 2

Reference: ... age_(2000)


The current S00E06 is the Live Action Movie which should not be considered as part of the anime series.

Movie on Wikipedia:


With that said, the next 3 upcoming films should be considered as follows:

S00E06 - Legend 1: Awakening
S00E07 - Legend 2: Racer
S00E08 - Legend 3: Mugen
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I also agree with the above post. Can we get this addressed please. Looking for "DarklightIndigo" since that is the moderator listed.
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i sent him a PM. hopefully he or another mod sees this!