The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman

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The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman

Postby HaArD » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:30 pm

Several attempts have been made to have the crossover episodes listed properly but there are still issues. The issues are with season 3 & 4 of The Six Million Dollar Man and season 1 & 2 of The Bionic Woman.

Here's the previous threads that contain related info and requests so you can close/file/resolve them at the same time based on how you decide to deal with this thread. I hope this is seen as helpful as that is what I am trying to be.

Resolved (?) request in 2011 which identifies both issues: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=6106
Backlogged, Backlog 2013 request in 2013 focused on The Bionic Woman: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=12422
Backlogged, To Be Sorted request in 2014 focused on DVD Order: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=20002
Incomplete Request in 2015 asking about the same issues: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=25094

The confusion all the online sources have is about how to list crossover episodes between The Six Million Dollar Man (TSMDM) and the spin-off series The Bionic Woman (TBW). This is made more complicated by the fact that the DVDs include crossover episodes for completeness of the story lines.

The first issue is that the 2 part premiere of the spinoff series The Bionic Woman, is shown as TSMDM S03E15 and S03E16, these two episodes are also shown as TBW S01E01 and S01E02. There is much confusion around this, I cannot find definitive information from a preferred source but the consensus out there is that Part one was TSMDM S03E15 and Part 2 was TBW S01E01. The best info I can find says all our collective memories are wrong and quote the show runner as saying that while that was the original plan both parts aired as the first two episodes of TBW and neither aired as an episode of TSMDM which is why Time-Life could not find a version with TSMDM credits to include on the DVD. ... ries/14526.

The second issue is crossovers in Season 4 of TSMDM and Season 2 of TBW. The approach used on TBW tried to find a compromise solution that respects the integrity of both the complete story, and the original episodes by adding TSMDM episodes as Specials.
The approach used on TSMDM included TBW S02E01 as S04E02 of TSMDM which shifted the episode numbers for the remainder of TSMDM Season 4. But, this approach was not used consistently as it ignores TBW S02E05 Kill Oscar (Part 1) and TBW S02E06 Kill Oscar (Part 3) which came before and after TSMDM S04E06 (currently mislabelled S04E07 as result of the first instance).

Reliable online sources for shows that aired in the 70's are hard to find for obvious reasons, but I think it is safe to rely on the content of the episodes themselves right? Can't get much more official than that.

Return of Bigfoot originally aired in two parts on two different shows, you can see the difference in the font for the title if you can;t take my word for it. ;)

Screengrabs from The Six Million Dollar Man S04E01 The Return of Bigfoot
Image Image Image

..and from The Bionic Woman S02E01 The Return of Bigfoot Part 2
Image Image

A more current example of crossover stories is the Chicago shows which do this all the time. In this case, other series episodes which are part of the larger story are not included at all. This example just has a note in the description of each related episode referring you to the other series. This is probably the cleanest and best approach.
Image Image Image
*The note in the Chicago PD episode is a little messed up. I'll post about that separately.

Corrections required

The episode Welcome Home Jaime Part 2, currently labelled as TSMDM S03E16 is definitely an episode of TBW.
Sources: WebArchive-TVRage, TV Guide,, IMDB (they don't list either part as an episode of TSMDM)

The episode The Return of Bigfoot Part 2, currently labelled as TSMDM S04E02 is definitely not from The Six Million Dollar Man, so S04E02 should be removed and all subsequent episodes should have their episode number decreased by 1 (S04E03 is actually S04E02, and so on). This episode is already correctly listed as TBW S02E01 so no changes are required there.

Sources: WebArchive-TVRage - TSMDM, WebArchive-TVRage - TBW, IMDB - TSMDM, IMDB - TBW
I excluded TV Guide which shows both parts as TSMDM and which shows both parts as the first two episodes in both series. The airdates demonstrate that they are both wrong. TV was simpler in the 70s, everything was "Same bat time, same bat channel." ;)

Optional changes

You could add the Bionic Woman crossover episodes as Specials to The Six Million Dollar Man as was done for The Bionic Woman.
Special The Return of Bigfoot (2) 1976-09-22
Special Kill Oscar (1) 1976-10-27
Special Kill Oscar (3) 1976-11-03


You could remove the Specials from The Bionic Woman and link the crossover episodes via the episode descriptions in both series.
Season 1 These aren't specials or crossover episodes, they are just the source material that spawned the spin-off series.
Special The Bionic Woman (1) 1975-03-16
Special The Bionic Woman (2) 1975-03-23
Special The Return of the Bionic Woman (1) 1975-09-14
Special The Return of the Bionic Woman (2) 1975-09-21

Season 2 These are actual crossover episodes that link the two shows.
Special The Return of Bigfoot (1) 1976-09-19
Special Kill Oscar (2) 1976-10-31

This might be a lot of editing, and I am sure there are more current shows that need work/mod attention. I am happy to help if wanted and the shows were unlocked. :)

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Re: The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman

Postby HaArD » Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:21 pm

It's been over a year.... bump.

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Re: The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman

Postby ChefGregS » Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:13 pm

As I have posted many times...those that run this great site have one major flaw....because they give us a GREAT resource they have decided that they are the god's of TV series view orders.... They will NEVER unlock a series they know they have listed wrong because then those of us that know it's wrong will go in a fix it.

I so totally understand not wanting people to keep changing things to fit THEIR OWN VIEW of how it should be...but seriously, there is so much evidence that this series and others are listed wrong..but they don't care. Even when they lock a series that is wrong, the tv network that showed the show lists it differently, other sites list it differently (btw, IMDB can and has been wrong on information many many times!!!! At least they will change it if you show them they are wrong...with a huge thank you for helping make it better...)

So, while this site lists season 4 of TSMDM ep 1 and 2 as The Return of Bigfoot p1 and p2 this is in fact NOT THE CASE!!!! The Return of Bigfoot (Part 2) is Season 2 Episode 1 of The Bionic Woman. I mean, if they will allow this farce to remain then why NOT just go ahead and screw it up further putting Kill Oscar parts 1 and 3 as TSMDM episodes also?? Why is this so hard to grasp.

I am tired of going out and hunting up tons of evidence that they ignore because if they finally realize they are wrong people may not see them as the end all gods of TV series order.

Oh well, guess hand fixing a few seasons of various shows is still better than doing them all by it used to be. I mean seriously, 98% of what is here is dead on... Just sucks that they refuse to allow people to fix the 2% that is wrong and actually forbid it just to prove THEY are right.