[Duplicate] BBC Documentaries - Super Giant Animals

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Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:23 pm

An entry for one-off documentary "Super Giant Animals" had been created as S2019E114, though the episode was originally broadcast 26-Sep-2013.
I searched and didn't find an entry in season 2013. In attempting to rectify this, I created S2013E336 for the episode.

Turns out the episode did already exist, but the title was incorrectly one word "Supergiant" not two "Super Giant", which is why I didn't find it originally.
Now we have 2 duplicate episodes :-/

To rectify this:

Please delete these two: Correct Episode:
  • S2013E180 is correct, has title/description/image/broadcast date/BBC episode id/presenter info.
many thanks
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