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Fri May 10, 2019 5:47 pm

Hello, here I am again. ;)

'EXO's Relay Video Records - Heart 4 U' is a web show focused on the lives of EXO members, a South Korean boy group.

However, there are three duplicate versions of the show on the database, and I would like to know if you could delete those. THIS is the original one, with all the informations, and these three (1 - 2 - 3) are the duplicates. The fact that there are four versions can get fans confused when it comes to update, especially when a new season is coming (the release date was not annoucend yet), also the name of the original submit was incomplete, at first it only contained 'Heart 4 U', a short version of the english name instead of the full name, and that can get fans even more confused.

Those shows don't have a lot of informations available online, or in english, what is kinda hard for me to explain since I don't know Korean. But to make my post more credible, I will link the official playlist with all the episodes (click HERE), the episodes have those type of titles, those videos with less than 5 minutes are teasers or special content. (teaser/preview of the next episode example & special content example) (Also, about that special content, let me know if I should add it on the 'Specials' tab)

Talking about the actors, since this is a reality show I put the EXO members with the photos that appear on the generic opening (check a screenshot HERE), instead of put 'as Himself' on the character name I wrote their stage names, the names they are known by on the entertainment industry. In the duplicate entries the actors part are incomplete.

Thank you so much for take your time reading my concern, hope you can do something about it!
I'll probably be back soon with another Korean TV Show :lol:, bye bye!
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