Bar rescue episode should be in specials

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I tried editing the episode but I am not able to change it being listed in a regular season and moving it to the specials listing. ... 1785&lid=7

Should be in specials episode 15.

Thank you for your help,
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Why are the "back to the bar" episodes specials? They occur at the regular day and time. They are listed on the official site as regular episodes continuing regular episode numbers.

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Agreed. I updated a good amount of episodes yesterday using the information directly from, but someone went in and changed it to incorrect values.
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Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:34 pm

None of the 'Back to the Bar' episodes should be listed as specials, I have emails from the production company to prove this :(
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Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:07 pm

Searching through these forums I can see that the episode numbering of Bar Rescue is a hot topic and unfortunately a correct request I can see was denied.

I would like to request that all of the 'Back to the Bar' episodes be rightly moved from specials and put into the standard episode listings.

I have emails from the production company last year that confirm these episode numbers as I was fixing the numbering on another site where they were incorrectly listing these Back to the Bar episodes as specials and also had some of season 4 listed as season 5. As the Spike website had two errors on it at the time I emailed the production company for confirmation.

Here are the correct episode numbers for the Back to the Bar episodes erroneously listed as specials.

4x19 Back to the Bar: Hot-Headed Owners
4x27 Back to the Bar: Stubborn Owners
4x31 Back to the Bar: Delusional Owners
4x42 Back to the Bar: No Laughing Matter
4x46 Back to the Bar: Meathead-to-Head
4x49 Back to the Bar: Empty Pockets
4x52 Back to the Bar: The Luck of the Irish

5x13 Back to the Bar: Drunky McDrunkerton Returns
5x17 Back to the Bar: Brick & Barley Above Water
5x21 Back to the Bar: Hallelujah for Jon
5x25 Back to the Bar: Flying Fists and Bar Brawls
5x29 Back to the Bar: For Whom The Cajun Belle Tolls

All of the episodes listed for season 5 on the official website are correct so far.

Correcting this mistake once and for all would be greatly appreciated!

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I Agree, TVDB Mods are doing their own thing with this series.
Spike didnt list them as specials
Wikipedia dont list them as specials
IMDB dont list them as specials.
Paramount dont list them as specials!

where are they getting the source for the episode numbers?
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