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Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:17 am

Please update. As an aside the updates have been rather slow (weeks) to occur for this show. I understand the reasoning for the lock and that people have many other responsibilities. Keeping a food game show up to date shouldn't be the first priority, but I would be happy to help out. Feel free to drop me a message.

Further episode for season 30.

S30E05 - Web Stars
Episode Airs: 11 Oct 2016
Competitors with successful online cooking shows arrive in the Chopped Kitchen ready to put their web-honed culinary skills to the test. There are smiley faces all around when the cooks find emoji cookies in the first basket, but round two has the judges monitoring the clock with doubts that all three chefs will be able to get a particular basket ingredient cooked in time. Then, a familiar boxed ingredient is one of the first things the finalists need to tackle for dessert.
Episode: CQ3005H
Read more at: ... stars.html
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Tue Sep 27, 2016 5:19 pm

Information about season 31 (listed as season 32 @ foodnetwork) has been listed. Here are the ones with air dates listed.

S31E01 - Smorgastarta Your Engines
Episode Airs: 13 Oct 2016
Production Code: CQ3101H
Episode Overview: The chefs learn all about the wonders of savory Swedish layer cake when they get the competition underway with some smorgastarta appetizers. A sweet powder and prickly produce make the entree round more complicated than the competitors wished it would be. And eggplant seems like a doozy for dessert, but preserved in sugar, the veggie is easier for the finalists to incorporate into their sweet plates.

Read more at: ... gines.html

S32E02 - Tailgate Greats
Episode Airs: 18 Oct 2016
Production Code: CQ3102H
Episode Overview: Four devoted football fans are super proud of their can't-fail tailgating games, but in the Chopped Kitchen, only one can become a champ. Handy sandwiches and sweet popcorn are two of the ingredients the competitors face in the first round. Will a strange take on mimosa be hard for the chefs to swallow in the second round? Then, the two finalists hustle to figure out the correct technique to execute their creative ideas for dessert.

Read more at: ... reats.html

S32E03 - Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay, Part 1
Episode Airs: 20 Oct 2016
Production Code: CQ3103H
Episode Overview: Chopped has joined forces with Beat Bobby Flay for a spectacular crossover event. Twelve returning Chopped Champions sweat and scramble to get to the $40,000 Grand Finale. In the appetizer round of this premiere competition, the champions are tested with a Scandinavian fish and a sugary cereal. A flowery syrup and an onion with sprinkles appear in the second basket, while sandwiched between a cheesy sandwich and some jelly in the dessert basket, the chefs find an ingredient that Bobby particularly likes.

Read more at: ... art-1.html

S32E04 - Midnight Snack Attack
Episode Airs: 25 Oct 2016
Production Code: CQ3104H
Episode Overview: The four chefs in this special competition are tasked with making the perfect midnight meal. In the first round, fried foods and a trendy cocktail are creatively reimagined in appetizers. Prized mushrooms and a much-craved street food are part of the basket challenge in the second round. And the finalists hope breakfast flavors wake up the judges' palates in the last round.

Read more at: ... ttack.html

S32E05 - Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay, Part 2
Episode Airs: 27 Oct 2016
Production Code: CQ3105H
Episode Overview: Four more returning champs battle for their chance to go head-to-head against Chef Bobby Flay in the Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay tournament. A seafood that needs tenderizing and a canned product that needs to be creatively incorporated are two of the ingredients found in the appetizer basket. A king of the sea and a cake of the ice box are found in the entree basket. In the dessert round, an ingredient that Bobby loves ends up in one chef's ice cream recipe, but trouble with the machine has everyone wondering how it will turn out.

Read more at: ... art-2.html
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Tue Oct 11, 2016 4:12 pm

Further Information for Season 31 (Listed as 32 on has been posted. Here are the ones with air dates.

S31E06 - Cheap Eats
Episode Airs: 1 Nov 2016
Production Code: CQ3106H
Episode Overview:
The chefs are surprised with some thrifty, yet uniquely yummy, finds in the baskets, like pork buns and Mexican street corn in the first round. The competitors must pair a pickled product with a fair favorite in their entrees, then some delectable little cakes and an odd sauce make an appearance in the last basket.

Read more at: ... -eats.html


S31E07 - Cheap Eats
Episode Airs: 3 Nov 2016
Production Code: CQ3107H
Episode Overview: A set of twins is among the returning Chopped winners striving for the opportunity to Beat Bobby Flay. In the first round, a cold soup and a stuffed lobster challenge the champs, and keeping track of all four ingredients proves problematic for some. The entree basket includes a giant piece of meat and some tasty little dried fruits. Then, nobody knows how to pronounce the name of a Swedish cookie in the final basket, but will the two chefs who are making dessert know what to do with it?

Read more at: ... art-3.html


S31E08 - Chaudin Chow
Episode Airs: 8 Nov 2016
Production Code: CQ3108H
Episode Overview:
The chefs unveil a Cajun specialty in the first basket that is "offal-y" special. A prized protein adds some porky flavor to the chefs' fish entrees. And a drink that you have to chew is certainly the oddest mystery ingredient in the final basket.

Read more at: ... -chow.html


S31E09 - Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay, Finale
Episode Airs: 10 Nov 2016
Production Code: CQ3109H
Episode Overview:
The $40,000 title fight finale is here! Ferocious repeat champs return to the Chopped Kitchen to bring all they've got to the first two rounds to see who gets to face Bobby Flay! The group of three undefeated champs must make appetizers with camel meat and a strange sauce, and the level of difficulty in the entree round is off the charts. The one contender who survives to compete in the highly-anticipated Bobby Flay bonus round has the advantage of making their own signature dish, but using ingredients from a Chopped basket!

Read more at: ... inale.html

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Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:04 pm

Further information for Season 31 has been posted. The following have air dates:

S31E10 - Battle of the Butchers
Episode Airs: 17 Nov 2016
Production Code: CQ3110H
Episode Overview: Chopped brings butchers to the stoves to show what practiced protein pros can do! In the appetizer round, the butchers direct their cleavers at a beautiful cut of pork as one of the competitors passes around whiskey shots. A big bird and an unfortunately-named radish mingle in the entree basket, then in the dessert basket, the finalists find an ice cream that only a butcher could love.
Read more at: ... chers.html

S31E11 - Beast Feast
Episode Airs: 22 Nov 2016
Production Code: CQ3111H
Episode Overview: The competitors face off in a protein-packed battle, even featuring some fierce ingredients that are too big for the baskets. In a fast and loud appetizer round, the blenders are booming as the chefs try to make meaty appetizers with a creative touch. Then, the chefs get to choose what part of an imposing whole animal to use in their second dish. The final chefs must rise to the challenge in order to make marvelously piggy desserts.
Read more at: ... feast.html

S31E13 - Back in Time
Episode Airs: 24 Nov 2016
Production Code: CQ3113H
Episode Overview:
The baskets are filled with retro ingredients, which have the competitors and the judges thinking back on bygone eras and savoring flavor memories. In the first basket, a familiar can and a space-age beverage are two of the foods that transport them back in time. Something frozen in time and something nostalgically spherical are part of the challenge in round two, and a refreshment named for a movie legend is one of the throwback ingredients in the dessert basket

Read more at: ... -time.html

S31E14 - Jump for Bok Choy
Episode Airs: 1 Dec 2016
Production Code: CQ3114H
Episode Overview: An Argentinian meat and something challengingly sweet are two of the appetizer surprises. In round two, the judges are happy to see a favorite seafood selection in the basket, and bok choy also finds its way to their plates. Finally, some giant sheets of tofu and an alluring take on cheesecake keep the finalists on their toes in the dessert round

Read more at: ... -choy.html

S31E16 - Jump for Bok Choy
Episode Airs: 29 Nov 2016
Production Code: CQ3116H
Episode Overview: Extra difficult baskets are guaranteed when four lucky chefs arrive in the Chopped Kitchen for a viewers' choice competition! The fans pick a creepy protein and a bloody soup for the first round, while something hearty and something super-hot are in the second basket. Then, the judges must put a fork to pork in dessert dishes made with offal and atole

Read more at: ... eance.html
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Thu Nov 10, 2016 7:43 pm

S31E15 - Taco Time!
Episode Airs: 8 Dec 2016
Production Code: CQ3115H
Episode Overview: In each round of this competition, the chefs are tasked with showcasing their creative take on the taco. The judges talk tripe and mustard rabe after an exciting appetizer round. Asian sauce and a beautiful protein are in the entree basket, and the finalists bring tortillas to the sweet side with inventive desserts that include Mexican chocolate

Read more at: ... -time.html
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Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:22 am

If this one could get added it would be great. Using current numbering I think it should be:
S30E06 - Turkey Day Heroes
Episode Airs: 14 Nov 2016
Production Code: CQ3006H
Episode Overview: Four chefs who cook in soup kitchens come to the Chopped Kitchen to face off in this special competition. In the appetizer round, they get creative with some fun bread and orange sauce. Turkey is a given in the entree round, but they also face an epic cake which defies description and is more than meets the eye! Some items in the dessert basket sound pretty healthy, like yogurt and fruit, but will the finalists' Thanksgiving desserts be nutritious or decadent?

Read more at: ... c=linkback
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Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:10 pm

Further Information about Season 31 Has been posted. Please update


S31E12 - Million Dollar Baskets
Episode Airs: 22 Dec 2016
Production Code: CQ3112H
Episode Overview: No expense has been spared with these top-notch, top-dollar basket ingredients! The chefs get to work with caviar and a very pricey seafood in the first round. The second million dollar basket features something lavishly sweet and something deliciously rare. And a $100 breakfast item is one of the prize ingredients that the finalists discover in the last basket

Read more at: ... skets.html

S31E18 - Sweet Heat
Episode Airs: 13 Dec 2016
Production Code: CQ3118H
Episode Overview: First, it's a pizza puzzle when the chefs open the appetizer basket to find something that's called pizza but doesn't look or taste like the dish they know and love. Two proteins in the second round require the competitors' attention, then the judges expect a hit of heat with their sweets during a dessert round featuring chilies.
Read more at: ... -heat.html

S31E19 - Basket Buzz
Episode Airs: 27 Dec 2016
Production Code: CQ3119H
Episode Overview: The first basket includes a giant circle of dough with a long history and veggies that look like tiny watermelons, but taste like something else. Chewy candy and sweet cheese must make their way to the chefs' entree plates, and in the dessert round, green leaves and blueberries present a colorful challenge.
Read more at: ... -buzz.html

S31E20 - Sweet Heat
Episode Airs: 29 Dec 2016
Production Code: CQ3120H
Episode Overview:Straight from nature to the chefs' baskets, ingredients in this competition are favorites of hunters and foragers! The first round puts an aquatic wonder and a delicate flower into the hands of the four competitors. An imposing root and a wild beast are part of the entree round challenge. Then, the final wild round is a sweet one featuring berries and butter.
Read more at: ... times.html
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Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:12 pm

Information has been for Season 32. Listed as Season 33 on the Foodnetwork Website. Please update accordingly.

S3201 - Clean Eatin'
Episode Airs: 3 Jan 2017
Production Code: CQ3201H
Episode overview: The chefs are instructed to make delicious healthy dishes that are suitable for someone who's watching their weight and concerned about nutrition. In the first round, some legumes legitimately confound some of the chefs. Then, a fancy fish and a fermented drink must make their way onto the competitors' entree plates. Finally, fruit-and-grain dishes sound like healthy options for dessert, but will they be tasty?
Read more at: ... eatin.html
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Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:45 am


I gave up using TheTVDB for Chopped some time back and have opted for nfo files instead. That said, I still do the research so I might was well share it with everyone. I found some errors and omissions in what is already posted and I have some new episodes that need to be added. I see some of this information has already been posted so I apologize for the duplicates.

2016-11-01, s31e06 —> Should be: Chaudin Chow (Q3108H)
Note: This episode is also titled “Hearty Party” in some areas of the site. ... 0935&lid=7
Source: ... 1-01E.html

2016-11-08, s31e08 —> Should be: Cheap Eats (CQ3106H) ... 0940&lid=7
Source: ... 1-08E.html

2016-11-15, s31e10 —> Should be: Turkey Day Heroes (CQ3006H) ... 2471&lid=7
Source: ... 1-15E.html

2016-11-17, s31e11 —> Should be: Battle of the Butchers (CQ3110H) ... 2471&lid=7
Source: ... 1-17E.html

2016-11-22, s31e12 —> Should be: Beast Feast (CQ3111H) ... 2472&lid=7
Source: ... 1-22E.html

2016-11-24, s31e13 —> Should be: Back in Time (CQ3113H) ... 2474&lid=7
Source: ... 1-24E.html

2016-11-29, s31e14 —> Should be: Viewers' Vengeance (CQ3116H) ... 2476&lid=7
Source: ... 1-29E.html

2016-12-01, s31e15 —> Should be: Jump for Bok Choy (CQ3114H)
Note: This seems to have been renamed “Entree Basket Blues” as it has the same production code. ... 2477&lid=7
Source: ... 2-01E.html

2016-12-05, s31e16 —> Should be: Holiday Reality Check (CQ3007H)
Source: ... 2-05E.html

2016-12-08, s31e17 —> Should be: Taco Time! (CQ3115H)
Source: ... 2-08E.html

2016-12-13, s31e18 —> Should be: Sweet Heat (CQ3118H)
Source: ... 2-13E.html

Future Episodes:

Betting on the Farm (Episode: CQ3117H)
Source: ... 2-15E.html

New Year's Bash (Episode: CQ3008H)
Source: ... 2-20E.html

Million Dollar Baskets (Episode: CQ3112H)
Source: ... 2-22E.html

Basket Buzz (Episode: CQ3119H)
Source: ... 2-27E.html

Wild Times (Episode: CQ3120H)
Source: ... 2-29E.html

Clean Eatin' (Episode: CQ3201H)
Source: ... 1-03E.html

Whiskey and Wings (Episode: CQ3204H)
Source: ... 1-10E.html

Celebrating Veterans (Episode: CQ3203H)
Source: ... 1-17E.html

Oodles of Noodles (Episode: CQ3202H)
Source: ... 1-24E.html
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Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:37 am

Please update the current episodes. If the person who has locked it lacks the time or interest to keep it updated, I can't imagine why they are so determined to keep the current season locked.