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Sun Aug 23, 2020 1:21 pm

There is a long and rather confusing list of series starting with 'BBC News' – see I think they should probably be simplified and rationalized, but this involves questions of policy:

Some of these series consist of ephemeral episodes, for example 'BBC News at Six' (, which are the daily news broadcasts at 6pm. Should these and similar programmes be included in TheTVDB? I don't see that they have any practical value, as the episodes are available only for 24 hours and are never repeated.

The series 'BBC News Documentaries' should, I think, be deleted and its episodes merged into 'BBC Documentaries'. Why should the fact that they were first shown on the BBC News channel entitle them to their own series? We don't have series for the other BBC channels, except for 'BBC Three Documentaries' – and I think that should be deleted too. Users don't want to have to search through various series to find a BBC documentary.

Some of the other 'BBC News ..." series also contain some documentaries, for example 'BBC News Special' episodes S2020E7 and S2020E30 ( ... icial/2020). Shouldn't these too be extracted and moved to 'BBC Documentaries'?