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Sat Sep 12, 2020 10:37 pm

Hello szsori,

That's cool that you''ve also did P90X! I think you are suggesting that the "real" airdate is based on the workout schedule, not the order that the media comes in, since that's the order that someone doing the program would follow. I have thought about this a lot and I agree 100%. I also have thought about it alot, and a TV "season" is most equivalent to the "phase" of a workout program- you do a particular order of workouts for a certain "season", and then you move to the next. Within each season there are certain "re-runs" - and some new episodes. So let's list out every episode in the order that it FIRST appears in the calender. This would give you the following tvdb episode sequence if you allowed P90X.

s01e01 Chest & Back (Phase 1, Wk 1-3, Day 1, 1st Workout that Day) [DISC 01] [STR 01]
*s01e02 Cardio X (Phase 1, Wk 1-3, Day 1, First Workout that Day - Cardio Schedule) [DISC 11] [STR 11]
*s01e03 Ab Ripper X (Phase 1, Wk1-3, Day 1, 2nd Workout that Day) [DISC 12] [STR 12]
s01e04 Plyometrics (Phase 1, Wk1-3, Day 2) [DISC 02] [STR 02]
s01e05 Shoulders & Arms (Phase 1, Wk1-3, Day 3) [DISC 03] [STR 03]
s01e06 Yoga X (Phase 1, Wk 1-3, Day 4) [DISC 04] [STR 04]
s01e07 Legs & Back (Phase 1, Wk 1-3, Day 5, 1st Workout that Day) [DISC 05] [STR 05]
s01e08 Kenpo X (Phase 1, Wk 1-3, Day 6) [DISC 06] [STR 06]
s01e09 X Stretch (Phase 1, Wk 1-3, Day 7) [DISC 07] [STR 07]
s01e10 Core Synergistics (Phase 1, Wk 4, Day 2) [DISC 08] [STR 08]
s02e01 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (Phase 2, Wk 3, Day 1: 1st of 2 workouts) [DISC 09] [STR 09]
s02e02 Back & Biceps First Workout that Day (Phase 2, Wk 3, Day 3, 1st of 2 workouts) [DISC 10] [STR 10]

Note: After the DISC number, I've also listed the order in which this workout appears on Beachbody's official streaming site (STR) - but taking out the "How to Bring it" tutorial episode. Once taking this out, notice how the DISC and STR order are identical. When checking the calednar, I found that the calendar actually refrerences the workout title, not the disc number as you suggest. Finally, note that I've done the ordering above assuming the "standard" or "default" calender.

Analyzing the above, we find that the disc number is not simply a random number (like a library book #) just to associate a number with a workout title. No, the disc number reflects the order that the workouts are to be done according to the calendar! There are 2 exceptions (starred above). First, the Cardio workout ONLY appears in the "Cardio" calendar - not in the regular calendar. Beachbody has chosen to put this at the end of the video set instead of near the beginning. Second, Ab Ripper first appears on day 1 as a 2nd video, but because is is an add-on workout and only 10 min, Beachbody chose to put this video at the end of the order (#12). I have noticed Beachbody consistently follows these rules in every workout program.

If you still do not feel right about allowing P90X, I understand. However as you can see above, Beachbody's ordering across both DVD and streaming site is completely in synch with the schedule, and in the 2 cases where it is not, there is a logical reason and a pattern/rule. To argue that either 1) Beachbody is lacking an official structure for P90X and/or that 2) their ordering is in any way arbitrary or random is not correct.
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Sun Sep 13, 2020 9:44 am

A follow up thought: The entire workout calendar for P90X could be entered into tvdb EXACTLY AS WRITTEN - with each day's workout for however many days there are. The nice thing about this is - it leaves ABSOLUTELY NO ambiguity about how to sequence the videos in TVDB, none. It does make for some "duplicate" titles - the same title e.g. "Yoga X" would appear several times in the list when entered on the form, but maybe this is OK since this issue only exists for older DVD based-programs which are limited in number.

All Beachbody's programs in the last 5 years have separate videos for every single day - because now, with streaming, it doesn't matter if there are 5 or 50 workouts in a program- no huge packs of DVDs need to get manufactured and sent.

OK let us know what you think - it would be a shame continue to have to leave out P90X - it DOES have a very defined and precise sequence - the only question is just how to match that most effectively to the way we watch TV shows.