What is the general consensus about a Character's Role?

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Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:18 pm

On an actors page, I know the general rule is the Actor's Full Name is their full living (given or Hollywood name) name...

But what I get confused about is the Actor's Role. I know the general rule is their Role is, of course, their name on the show...which is easy for scripted shows. But for shows that are Reality or Documentary...I've seen people have started putting "Himself" or "Herself" or "Narrator" or "Host", etc, etc...instead of their actual name.

So what is the general consensus or rule about this? On apps like TV Time, this is confusing, even though they may be the host of a talk show, or the narrator of a documentary, or staring as themselves in a reality show, people don't always know who the actual person is, especially the person's name to face. So just saying Himself or Host isn't very helpful or meaningful.

I've seen people just re-input their name. I've seen people just us the Himself/Herself/Narrator/Host/etc. I've seen some people put a mixture of both "Bob Sagget - Host".

What's the popular opinion or actual rule??
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Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:02 am

My opinion on this subject (meaning, what I use after watching the usual standard "created" by the use of others).
This is not oficial, is only the policy I use to try be consistent with what I've seen in TVDB and to include multiple case scenarios.
Sorry about my English. I hope it helps you.

1- Actor has a normal role
- Use the character's name.

2- Actor has multiple roles
- Separate them by using ", " or "|" or "/" (I prefer the latest).
- [RoleA, RoleB, ...] or [RoleA|RoleB|...] or [RoleA/RoleB/...]

3- Actors with a role being themselves, that act like themselves in real life
- Leave the character's name blank or use Himself/Herself. (Probably the latest would be preferable to avoid confusions with the case 4)

4- Actors that have a role with no known name
- Leave the character's name blank.

5- Actors that have a role with no name, which are only known by the profession/academic degree within the series
- Use the character's profession/academic degree.

6- Actors that are not really actors, do other kind of jobs (narration, hosting, reporting, interviewing, ...)
- Use the profession.
- This is different from case 3 or case 5 because, in this case, there isn´t even a character.

7- Actors that only make the character's voice (hidden characters, animation)
- Preferably use the picture of the actor instead of the picture of the animated character.
- Use the character's name.

8- Character that exists multiple times with a different status in time
- When these characters are played by different actors, they should be distinguished.
- Add the status (Child/Teen/Adult/Past/Present/Future) after the character's name to distinguish them.
- [RoleAName (Child) RoleAName (Adult)] or [RoleAName (Past) RoleAName (Future)]

9- Role played by multiple actors
- Add each actor individually.
- If you want to distinguish the character's name inside a season add a sequential number next to it.
- [RoleA#1 RoleA#2]
- If you want to distinguish the character's name between multiple seasons add the season(s) number(s) next to it.
- [RoleA (Season1-3) RoleA (Season4-6)] or [RoleA (S1-3) RoleA(S4-6)] or [RoleA (S1, S4) RoleA(S2-3, S5)].

10 - Character's nickname
- Add the nickname in "" between first and last name of the character or, in case the character only has one name, at the end.
- If the character has no other names besides the nickname, then it should be considered it's name.
- [FirstName "Nickname" LastName] or [FirstName "Nickname"] or [Nickname].

- Always write the Role/Profession name in the series original language.
- The exception would be the "Himself/Herself" use, which I've seen used in non-English (as the original language) series exactly like that.
Sorry about my rusty English!
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Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:35 pm

UltraInstinct - Thanks for your input. So then this should be up to TV Time to change or reprogram to make the character's names and/or roles more accessible.

I just find it frustrating sometimes when it just says "Himself" or "Host" because sometimes I do not know the actor/person by visual, only the name so I don't know exactly who to select. I know that sounds weird, especially if I am watching the shows...i should know them by face/visual...but sometimes Narrators are never showed, you just hear their voices like on HGTV shows most of the time.
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Tue Jun 25, 2019 7:06 pm

I can see both Actor name and character in TVTime.

In the TVTime site the information shows correctly, actor name and characters.
In the TVTime app usually the character shows ok (except when there are many characters to one actor) but the actor name is cut because of the font being too big.

Essentially is a problem of space for the text, you should talk to their support team.
Sorry about my rusty English!
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