Would I Lie To You? episode [and file] names

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Wed May 01, 2019 12:22 pm

I'm OK with putting Christmas/Unseen Bits into the Specials for this show, but someone has removed all descriptive show titles and replaced them with non-descriptive "Episode 4"-style titles.

I know that this is the general policy, but now my automation software will rename all files on disk [I've instructed it not to for now]. Previously, I could satisfy the query "Which episodes has Bob Mortimer been in?" by searching filenames on disk. Now there's no way to do queries like that without visiting each episode for each season online one-by-one and looking at the description.

Older and Useful: Would I Lie to You! - s10e02 - Bob Mortimer, Nadiya Hussain, Diane Morgan, Michael Smiley
Current and Not: Would I Lie to You! - s10e02 - Episode 2

A clear step backwards in my view. Why can't we create an exception to the policy for this show, where it would be most useful?
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