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Should Episode Numbers Ever Be Changed

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:40 am
by greenwoodma
My understanding was that once episodes had been listed on the site their episode numbers shouldn't be changed without a very good reason. This isn't usually a problem in the main series data, but episode numbers in the specials sections can, I admit, be a little odd.
I'm asking as I've just noticed that the special episodes of Jonathan Creek (see have been altered.

Originally the only episodes listed under specials where the six full length episodes that have aired on the TV and these were all numbered correctly. On the 03/06/2018, however, user willza1987 added two specials with no real data (Long Hair and Duffel Coat and Alan and Caroline's Screen Test) both of which I think have only ever been short extras on the DVDs and never actually broadcast as an episode in any sense. Now normally adding these wouldn't have been an issue, except that willza1987 altered the episode numbers so that they appear in date order. This now means that what was episodes 3 to 6 have become 4 to 7.

I can imagine this is an issue for anything using the site API (scrapers etc. for Kodi is my use case) as suddenly the episode number everyone was using is wrong. Should this be reverted (which unfortunately changes episode numbers again) or is it acceptable to just randomly change data like this? i.e. would anyone complain if I edited them back?


Re: Should Episode Numbers Ever Be Changed

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:07 am
by Mistywing
In this particular case it's unacceptable because:

1. Long Hair and Duffel Coat is a commentary cast interview
2. Screen tests seems to be actors rehearsing the script

Both of which are strictly not allowed by policy as they are DVD Extras.
I have deleted them and unfortunately this results in a renumbering, so the inconvenience is doubled due to these incorrect additions being already months old.

In general this is also not a good idea. The aired order in Specials doesn't really matter since the AiredBefore / AiredAfter fields can be set in relation to the regular seasons. Of course, try to add them in order if you're just starting... that makes sense then.