[Serie in a Serie] Le secret des Sept Soeurs

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[Serie in a Serie] Le secret des Sept Soeurs

Postby superboy97 » Mon May 07, 2018 9:15 am

Currently, the French documentaries serie "Le secret des Sept Soeurs" is listed as its own serie :

But, this serie is also part of a bigger documentaries serie named "La Case du Siècle" :

Source stating explicitely that these 4 episodes are part of the big serie"La Case du Siècle" (but at the time of a reairing) :
https://blogs.mediapart.fr/edition/petr ... ept-soeurs
TV timetable stating it less explicitely :
http://playtv.fr/programmes-tv/france-5/09-10-2011/ (episode 1, at 22h00)
http://playtv.fr/programmes-tv/france-5/16-10-2011/ (episode 2, at 22h00)
http://playtv.fr/programmes-tv/france-5/23-10-2011/ (episode 3, at 22h15)
http://playtv.fr/programmes-tv/france-5/30-10-2011/ (episode 4, at 22h00, labelled 3/4 instead of 4/4)
IMDB list the first episode as being part of the serie "La Case du siècle" but doesn't list the others 3 :

What should we do ?
Keeping it listed separately ? In that case the episode, the episode S2011E18 "Le secret des sept soeurs" need to be removed and the separate listing corrected.
Listing it inside the "La Case su Siècle" serie ? In that case, the separate serie need to be removed and the missing episodes need to be added to the 2011 season of "La Case du Siecle"