House of Cards (US) french episode titles legit ?

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House of Cards (US) french episode titles legit ?

Postby Sergeileduc » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:10 am

Hi people from France, Belgium, Canada, etc... fellow members of Francophonie (and others of course, maybe you can help !)

I'd like to have your opinion on the french episodes titles of House of Cards (US).

As you certainly know, the original titles are :
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc...

Somehow, in french, episodes have names like "Chaises musicales", etc...

According to Wikipedia, BeTV in Belgium and Canal+ in France aired the show, back in 2013 and after (Seasons 1 2 3 for Canal+ for example). ... %A9e,_2013)

So maybe it was BeTV or Canal+ who created these titles.
I wasn't able to find the source of those titles on BeTV or Canal+ websites.

But also according to Wikipedia, the first broadcast of the show was on Netflix Quebec.

    2013 Feb 1st : Netflix Quebec
    2013 Feb 14th : BeTV Belgium (what seasons ?)
    2013 Aug 29th : Canal+ France (Seasons 1 2 3 only)

Première série originale de Netflix, elle est diffusée simultanément au Québec depuis le 1er février 2013 sur Netflix. En Belgique, elle est diffusée sur BeTV depuis le 14 février 2013, et rediffusée sur La Deux depuis le 20 avril 2014. En France, les trois premières saisons ont été diffusées sur Canal+ entre le 29 août 2013 et le 16 avril 2015, elle est diffusée sur Netflix depuis le 4 mars 2016.

I'm not able to see on the titles of the episodes, but on netflix/fr/, they are "Chapitre 1, Chapitre 2, etc..." (but Netflix France didn't exist in 2013, so, not relevant...)

Anyway, for seasons 1 2 3, maybe what I'm trying to do is "revisonnism", and back in those days, Netflix Quebec, Canal+ of BeTV actually gave names to the episodes.
I can't be sure.
Or the episodes titles (identical on theTVDB and Wikipedia FR) are purely fan-made.
The post on "what sources should I use" made it pretty clear : Wikipedia should be used only on last resort, so...

What I don't understand is : where those titles come from for season 4 and 5 ???
On Netflix France, they are "Chapitre 40, Chapitre 41", etc...
And Netflix France IS the original broadcaster in France for seasons 4 and 5, no ?

So I'd like to ask you :

For season 4 and 5 :
Should we rename those episodes on theTVDB for season 4 and 5 like they are on Netflix FR (which seems to be the proper source, Netflix being the first to broadcast the show in a french-speaking country) ?
Chapitre 40, Chapitre 41, etc...

I ask you only for seasons 4 and 5, because it's more simple, there's no "revisionnism" here, I think it's pretty straight-forward.

But maybe we should also rename the episodes for Seasons 1 2 3 ? (that is maybe revisionnism, I don't know for sure).

So guys, what do you think ?

(I think we should answer wether or not we actually "like" those titles in our KODI collection. The question is : "are they legit ? or are they not ?")
(Maybe an admin will answer that definitely)

1- Should we rename season 4 and 5 with "Chapitre 40", "Chapitre 41", etc... ?
2- Should we rename ALL seasons with "Chapitre 1", "Chapitre 2", etc... ?

Cheers !

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Re: House of Cards (US) french episode titles legit ?

Postby polargeek » Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:48 pm

Netflix Canada definitely lists them as Chapitre .... It's extremely unlikely they would ever have had names other than Chapitre ... and since it's a Netflix production and it first aired in Canada then the titles provided by Netflix should be used.
All PM's asking for exceptions, rule changes, series unlocks et al will be ignored.

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Re: House of Cards (US) french episode titles legit ?

Postby Sergeileduc » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:47 pm

Thank you for your answer @polargeek.

In my mind, yes, we should use "Chapitre...", but I didn't want to just mess with unlocked seasons, etc...

If you happen to know other members who may be concerned or insterested with this issue, feel free to ask them to come here and support the change.

Thanks ! See you.